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2024 FEBE GROWTH 100

FEBE: A club built for entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs

FEBE celebrates the greatest entrepreneurs in Britain, and we are delighted to launch the 2024 Growth 100 – our annual list and awards that shines a light on the finest and fastest-growing privately owned businesses in the country, where the founder or founders are still involved. This is the beating heart of our club that inspires, motivates and supports the very best entrepreneurs and their companies.

The essence of FEBE is entrepreneurs supporting entrepreneurs. We exist to inspire and champion our country’s best ‘dare-to-doers’. We know how important it is to celebrate our country’s founders and their businesses, and the Growth 100 does just that.


There are 4.2m private companies in the UK. Just 1% or 45,000 of these are considered to be ‘high growth’. But who are the 100 fastest growing?
FEBE is delighted to present the 100 fastest growing, founder-led, privately owned businesses in the UK. All listed companies are profitable and are turning over between £3m-£200m.

Rank Company Activity HQ Location Latest Financial Year End 2-year sales compound annual growth rate (CAGR) Latest sales £000s Latest team Founded View Profile
1 Purdy & Figg Natural cleaning brand Hertfordshire Mar 24 479.03% 18,294* 55 2020
2 TRIP Beverages & supplements brand Central London Feb 23 389.31% 13,997* 50 2019
3 Broadwick Event management agency Central London Mar 23 338.03% 61,350 148 2019
4 D. Louise Waterproof jewellery brand South London Aug 23 284.70% 4,294* 6 2021
5 Diginius Marketing software developer North London Mar 23 255.78% 7,053* 48 2011
6 Rapid Energy Temporary boiler supplier Kent Jul 23 235.09% 4,977* 19 2020
7 Rheal Health & wellness brand Sunderland Oct 23 234.65% 19,766* 42 2017
8 Ancient + Brave Collagen supplement brand Sussex Dec 23 229.14% 10,198* 48 2018
9 Nebula Global Services IT services Berkshire May 23 205.04% 3,065* 20 2020
10 The Parmar Collection Hotel & restaurant operator Leicester Mar 23 195.45% 6,045* 150 2008
11 New Leaf Products Vitamin & supplements retailer North London May 23 192.70% 5,950* 5 2020
12 The Salad Project Restaurant operator Central London Sep 23 187.29% 4,952* 135 2020
13 Solar Fast Solar panel installer Wakefield Apr 23 177.45% 33,100* 48 2006
14 Solar Buddies Sunscreen applicator manufacturer Cwmbran Nov 23 176.59% 4,200* 10 2014
15 Panache Cruises Travel agency Lancashire May 23 169.39% 13,377* 67 2020
16 Safejawz Mouthguard maufacturer West Midlands Feb 23 158.72% 3,300* 11 2014
17 Gift&Go Gifting technology platform Central London Dec 22 157.67% 23,023* 15 2017
18 Stubble & Co Online bag retailer Central London Mar 23 152.81% 4,347* 17 2016
19 Eden Sustainable Renewable energy consultancy Central London Oct 23 136.89% 13,536* 48 2014
20 Dynasty Partners Car sourcing & finance company Birmingham Jul 23 132.62% 26,907* 10 2018
21 Scrumbles Pet food supplier South London May 23 130.66% 7,594* 12 2018
22 Urban Pubs and Bars Restaurant & bars operator Central London Apr 23 128.08% 52,156 869 2014
23 Low6 Online game developer Worcestershire Jun 24 124.28% 4,300* 36 2017
24 LTS Refurbishment Property refurbishment services Central London Dec 22 122.04% 41,807 100 1992
25 MiTEQ Product tracking speciliast Chippenham Dec 23 121.77% 4,500* 12 2020
26 BFY Group Management consultancy services Nottingham Mar 23 120.96% 8,300* 42 2004
27 ESL Fuels Liquid fuel supplier Cheshire Jun 23 114.91% 185,401 20 2000
28 Passenger Outdoor clothing brand New Forest Dec 23 111.14% 34,302* 81 2012
29 Adman Civil engineering services County Tyrone May 23 104.53% 64,611 128 2007
30 Myenergi Green technology manufacturer Grimsby May 23 99.15% 67,591 300 2016
31 Cave Hotels Hotel & golf resort operator Kent May 23 99.10% 12,014 162 2018
32 Wingstop UK Restaurant operator Central London Mar 24 99.04% 84,691* 2000 2017
33 e-ppl Vehicle maintenance services Coventry Mar 23 98.40% 40,537 147 1999
34 Wild Soap & deodorant manufacturer Central London Dec 23 92.11% 45,960* 50 2019
35 AVK-SEG Power system supplier Berkshire Mar 23 89.85% 141,927 217 1989
36 Numbermill Accountancy services Hemel Hempstead Mar 23 88.24% 70,494 27 2014
37 CEN Group Holdings Consultancy services Central London Jul 23 88.17% 3,722* 40 2018
38 Crow Wood Hotel & spa resort operator Lancashire Apr 23 80.94% 16,219 350 1999
39 Simply Lunch Food-to-go manufacturer Croydon Jun 23 79.66% 34,385 320 1979
40 USP Steels Steel supplier West Midlands Dec 22 78.62% 114,883 40 2017
41 Clarity Environmental Environmental compliance consultancy Brighton Dec 23 78.02% 95,244* 39 2002
42 Golf Travel Group Golf holiday operator Central London Dec 23 74.74% 17,100* 31 2016
43 WeFlex Electric vehicle finance provider Central London Nov 23 74.17% 47,793* 57 2015
44 Obsequio Safety compliance consultancy Leicestershire Dec 23 73.94% 22,219* 251 2020
45 Around Noon Food-to-go manufacturer Newry Dec 23 73.72% 67,969* 800 1989
46 The Pure Gold Company Gold dealer Central London Mar 23 70.89% 36,221* 20 2012
47 Pets Purest Pet supplement retailer Sale Dec 23 69.76% 9,868* 10 2017
48 Applied Nutrition Supplement retailer Liverpool Jul 23 67.46% 61,169 136 2014
49 The Collecting Group Online auction platform Central London Dec 23 67.09% 11,300* 95 2018
50 Astrid & Miyu Jewellery designer & retailer South London Dec 23 66.10% 34,000* 300 2012
51 Blue Light Card Discount card operator Leicester Apr 23 65.94% 57,028 129 2008
52 Sidekick Group Facilities management services Central London Jun 23 65.61% 13,165* 868 2003
53 Flight Club Darts venue operator Central London Dec 23 64.90% 67,000* 1000 2012
54 Strathberry Leather goods designer Edinburgh Apr 24 64.08% 26,887* 90 2013
55 Universal Partners Foreign exchange broker Central London Sep 23 64.01% 8,600* 85 2017
56 Drakemoor Construction & refurbishment services Kent Mar 24 63.56% 9,514 3 2018
57 100Green Renewable energy supplier Hertfordshire Apr 23 62.27% 54,742 40 2001
58 SBFM Facilities management services Leeds May 24 61.06% 79,000* 6500 2013
59 Cleanology Commercial cleaning services South London Jun 23 60.16% 21,995* 1400 1999
60 Pretty Lavish Fashion retailer Hertfordshire Apr 23 59.92% 8,534* 46 2013
61 Dynamic Metals Metal supplier Bedfordshire Jun 23 59.76% 30,762 53 2010
62 ME+EM Women's fashion retailer Central London Jan 24 58.57% 120,000* 266 2009
63 Interpolitan Money Online alternative banking platform Central London Dec 23 58.32% 4,934* 49 2012
64 Otto Car Electric vehicle finance provider Central London Mar 23 58.19% 43,684 70 2014
65 2Excel Aviation services Northamptonshire Mar 23 58.07% 73,234 400 2005
66 WB Power Services Power maintenance services Derbyshire Apr 23 56.59% 109,133 221 1983
67 The Oxford Health Company Health supplements retailer Bicester Feb 23 55.79% 9,980* 75 2013
68 Rees Associates Commercial catering consultancy Surrey Mar 24 54.70% 4,251* 3 2008
69 Green Frog Connect Energy services Weston-Super-Mare May 23 54.32% 20,891 23 2013
70 Kettle Kids Watch & jewellery retailer Central London Oct 23 53.88% 13,405* 10 2017
71 AIS Insulation manufacturer Gloucester Sep 23 53.56% 111,290 589 2007
72 NMS Infrastructure Social infrastructure contractors Leicestershire Oct 23 52.78% 159,155* 58 2006
73 MTArt Agency Talent agency Central London Sep 23 52.75% 4,200* 12 2015
74 CarMoney Car finance platform Motherwell Dec 23 51.88% 24,913* 210 2014
75 Educ8 Training services provider Caerphilly Jul 23 51.53% 15,259 277 2004
76 Extons Foods Cheese manufacturer Manchester May 23 50.80% 97,665* 140 2000
77 Hippo Digital Digital design consultancy Leeds Mar 23 50.69% 38,556 500 2016
78 Luxe Collective Preloved fashion retailer Liverpool Dec 23 49.95% 5,663* 32 2018
79 The T-Shirt Factory Merchandising & manufacturing services Leicestershire Jan 24 49.01% 18,244* 104 2012
80 MorphCostumes Fancy dress costume brand Edinburgh Nov 23 48.00% 42,000* 65 2009
81= NM Productions Production company East London Mar 24 47.37% 4,500* 8 2018
81= Comfort Click Health & wellness products retailer Kent Jun 23 47.37% 51,732 310 2005
83= Fairfax & Favor Footwear & accessories retailer Norfolk Feb 23 47.07% 35,301 140 2013
83= &SONS Mens fashion retailer Cheltenham Dec 23 47.07% 8,405* 33 2016
85 Social Pantry Catering services London May 24 47.04% 8,000* 70 2011
86 Revive Collagen Collagen supplement brand Bristol Aug 23 46.74% 6,890* 6 2020
87 Gravity Activity park operator Wakefield Dec 23 46.63% 30,690* 850 2014
88 On A Roll Sandwich Company Food-to-go manufacturer Middlesborough Jan 23 46.36% 30,516 320 2008
89 PromoVeritas Prize promotion compliance services Central London May 23 45.91% 6,600* 43 2002
90 Godfrey Care Homes Care homes operator Chesterfield Sep 23 44.45% 4,763* 258 2017
91 Hectic Lifestyles Health supplements manufacturer Kent Dec 22 44.06% 14,343* 142 2008
92 KBF Enterprises Sports nutrition brand Manchester Jun 23 43.82% 26,000* 65 2008
93 Hilltop Honey Honey manufacturer Powys Aug 23 43.11% 33,741* 123 2011
94 Thomas Franks Catering services Oxfordshire Sep 23 42.97% 72,582* 2600 2004
95 iamproperty Property services Newcastle Oct 23 42.44% 76,870 610 2009
96 Vivobarefoot Barefoot shoe manufacturer Central London Jul 23 42.37% 73,392 112 2012
97 Genpower Power equipment distributor Pembrooke Mar 23 42.20% 40,565 115 2006
98 Dr.PAWPAW Vegan skincare products Bromley Oct 23 42.17% 8,516* 23 2013
99 Vuba Resin Resin manufacturer Hull Jun 23 41.53% 12,652* 64 2009
100 Xalient IT services Leeds Dec 23 41.34% 52,500* 365 2015

* Figures supplied by company to FEBE

The Watch List

Our Watch List features companies that are achieving amazing things and are truly worthy of celebration. They do not yet meet all of the Growth 100 criteria, for example, they may not be in profit, they may not be hitting £3m sales, or their growth rates may just have fallen short of the G100 but, they are on a mission, making great things happen and we are excited to share their stories.

Company Activity HQ Location Founded View Profile
Audiomob Advertising platform Central London 2020
Batch LDN Suit designer & retailer East London 2022
Bold Bean Co Bean brand Central London 2021
Brewgooder Craft beer brand Glasgow 2016
BullyBillows Pet accessories retailer Nottingham 2018
Calla Shoes Shoe designer & retailer Merseyside 2016
Cano Water Canned water manufacturer Central London 2015
Chu Lo Soft drinks brand Manchester 2019
DASH Soft drinks brand Central London 2017
Double Dutch Mixer drinks brand Central London 2015
EXALT Nutritional drinks brand North London 2019
Farrar & Tanner Online accessories retailer Cheltenham 2016
Freja Bone broth brand Stroud 2020
Goodrays CBD-infused drinks brand Central London 2020
Hello Klean Shower products manufacturer Central London 2020
Humble Crumble Dessert retailer Central London 2018
Lisou Women's fashion retailer West London 2018
Milky Plant Plant milk machine manufacturer Central London 2021
Mother Root Alcohol free drinks brand Central London 2018
Ocean Bottle Water bottle retailer Central London 2018
Salary Finance Financial services provider West London 2015
Snappy Shopper Food delivery app Dundee 2019
Startup Logistics Fulfilment & logistics provider Oxfordshire 2020
SURI Sustainable toothbrush manufacturer Central London 2022
The Mothership E-commerce platform Surrey 2021
Tonic Health Multi-vitamin brand Central London 2019
Tropez Online fashion retailer Kent 2020
TrueStart Coffee retailer Bristol 2015
We Are Fulfilment Fulfilment services provider Nottingham 2022

Our partners

A massive thank you to all our partners who fell in love with the FEBE philosophy, believe in our vision, and who are now joining us on our mission to celebrate the UK’s greatest founders.

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Founder Stories

The 2023 Growth 100 Companies


Purdy & Figg

Charlotte Figg & Purdy, James & Charlie Rubin

Founded by friends Purdy Rubin and Charlotte Figg and Purdy’s two sons, Jack and Charlie, Purdy & Figg is part of a new category of products at the intersection of household cleaning and wellness, with a range of sustainable, non-toxic, essential oil scented cleaning products. The company launched its core product ‘Counter Clean’ in 2022 and has since attracted half a million customers who enjoy its environment-first products and curated fragrances. The business has experienced rapid growth since 2022, with sales reaching £18.3m in March 2024, helped by its design-led brand and accessible cleaning-focused social media content on Instagram and TikTok.



Daniel Khoury & Olivia Ferdi

TRIP creates wellness products with a mission to ‘help consumers find their calm through the power of plants’. TRIP sells products, which include ‘natural, calming’ beverages and supplements, online and in-stores across the UK, France and the US, and was founded by husband-and-wife team, Olivia Ferdi and Dan Khoury. Before their wedding in 2018 Dan was injured playing football and was told that he may not be able to walk down the aisle. Determined to explore alternative remedies, Dan discovered the potential benefits of plant-powered wellbeing and was walking by the wedding. TRIP has grown sales from £585k in 2021 to £14m in the year end February 2023, driven in part by a strong social media presence and high-profile listings in Harrods and Soho House.



Bradley Thompson, Simon Tracey & Simeon Aldred

Broadwick Group is a venue entertainment and events management company, with a portfolio of spaces and venues across the UK. Broadwick Group was founded in 2013 by a team of festival operators, producers, and branding professionals. Today the business includes three divisions – Spaces, Entertainment, and Services – and is focused on designing, building, and operating a portfolio of spaces, venues and brands. The company owns and manages over 1.5m sq ft of cultural space and hosts a range of content, including music, culture, corporate events, brand activations, filming, and celebrations. Broadwick’s three core themes are music, culture, and space and they focus on the concept of ‘Hybrid Spaces’, making spaces flexible to accommodate a diverse range of content.


D. Louise

Olivia Jenkins, Jack Zambakides & Oli Smithson

D.Louise was founded in 2021 by Olivia Jenkins, who named the direct-to-consumer jewellery brand after her late mother, Deborah Louise. Olivia co-founded the business with serial entrepreneur Jack Zambakides and former professional cricket player Oliver Smithson. The South London company has gained attention for its high-quality, waterproof jewellery made from stainless steel, designed to withstand daily wear without tarnishing. In 2023, D.Louise received investment from Steve Hewitt, former chief executive of Gymshark, to help facilitate the brand’s international expansion. In March 2024, Olivia completed a 313km charity walk from Cardiff to Wandsworth in memory of her mother.



Nate & Juliana Burke

Founded in 2011 by chief executive Nate Burke and chief operating officer Juliana Burke, Diginius is a London-based company that specialises in digital advertising software. The company integrates tracking tools with various advertising networks, focusing primarily on pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. Diginius serves a broad range of industries and has collaborations with more than 700 marketing agencies across 60 countries. Diginius has garnered industry accolades such as European Partner of the Year and Global Partner of the Year from Microsoft. The company has a globally distributed team with offices in multiple countries, including Nicaragua, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Serbia, Hungary, Spain, and the US.


Rapid Energy

Julien Fougere, Jamie Ross-Davies, Sami Kasap & Rob Parsons

Established in 2020, Rapid Energy designs and builds boilers for temporary hire and long-term rental, supporting clients situated on temporary sites or facing emergency boiler requirements. Rapid Energy serves the commercial, industrial, and public sectors. The company offers a 24-hour response service as well as remote monitoring on its fleet of boilers. It also provides other equipment, including industrial chillers, air conditioners, and portable heaters. The Kent-based company was founded by Julien Fougere, Jamie Ross-Davies, Sami Kasap, and Rob Parsons. The company’s growth is driven in part by its focus on sales strategy, customer needs and service offerings.



Charlotte & Sean Ali

Husband-and-wife team, Charlotte Ali, 27 and Sean Ali, 32, discovered the benefits of natural superfoods when trying to boost Charlotte’s energy levels, improve her gut health and skin issues following her diagnosis of Coeliac Disease. Inspired by their own experience, they wanted to create products to make these ingredients and benefits, more accessible. Rheal manufactures superfood blends in the UK and, having launched in 2017, sales hit £19.8m in 2023. The B Corp company has received over 1m lifetime orders through their direct-to-consumer channel, grown their retail channel by over 1000% in 18 months, planted over 1m trees worldwide (through their charity partner, Ecologi) and secured a strong following on social media platforms TikTok and Instagram.


Ancient + Brave

Kate Prince

Founded by Kate Prince in 2018, Ancient + Brave is a wellness brand that focuses on ‘harnessing ancestral wisdom and daily rituals alongside science-led innovation’. Based in Sussex, the company offers a range of products, including collagen, MCT oil, and nootropic blends. Driven by sustainability, Ancient + Brave achieved its B Corp certification in 2021. The company sells its products online and through select retailers across 22 countries, catering to a growing customer base seeking sustainable wellness solutions.


Nebula Global Services

Ross Teague

Serial entrepreneur Ross Teague founded Nebula in 2020 with the aim to ‘transform the global technology services market’. The Berkshire-based firm provides IT services to businesses throughout the technology channel, specialising in global transformation and deployment projects. Nebula’s approach looks to improve customer experiences across industries such as public sector, law, financial, and gaming. The company is on a mission to ‘unify people and technology’, and they focus on delivering complex IT technologies, including cloud, cyber security, and wireless solutions. Nebula’s ability to diversify its range of products helped the company hit £3.1m in sales in May 2023.


The Parmar Collection

Kiran, Naresh & Sharon Parmar

The Parmar Collection was founded by husband-and-wife team Naresh and Sharon Parmar and their son Kiran. The company is known for redeveloping properties in Leicester and turning them into hospitality venues. The group oversees the management of several properties, including hotels, event spaces, and restaurants. The Parmar Collection is led by Kiran, who became chief executive after working in the business as a manager. Headquartered in Charnwood, Leicestershire, the company has received a number of awards—including the CHS Award for best hotel room and best front-of-house team. Its success as a hospitality group in Leicester has helped drive sales to £6m in 2023.


New Leaf Products

Samuel Levinson

Born from a desire to make wellness more accessible, New Leaf Products supplies health and wellness products to consumers. The London-based company, launched in 2020 by founder Schmuel Levinson, offers a range of nutritional supplement bundles, including a Beauty Value Bundle and a Joint Health Bundle. With each purchase, the company has committed to planting trees, demonstrating its dedication to sustainability. Since its inception, the company has sold to more than one million people and its most recent sales hit £5.9m in May 2023. The wellness company has garnered a community of over 10,000 followers on Instagram, where it aims to debunk health myths and provide content on nutrition and wellbeing.


The Salad Project

Florian De Chezelles & James Dare

The Salad Project runs five salad bars across London. Florian de Chezelles met his friend and co-founder James Dare whilst studying hospitality management at university. The pair founded The Salad Project with a mission to bring healthy and quick food to customers living and working in the City. The duo launched their first site in Spitalfields Market in May 2021, and has since expanded its presence, with five restaurants across London. To support its growth, the business has partnered with recognised chefs, such as Deliciously Ella and Max La Manna, to introduce curated salad offerings. The company has raised £2.7m in equity investment, which it has reinvested into product offerings, people, and expansion. The investment helped boost sales from £600k in 2021 to £5m in 2023.


Solar Fast

Dave Draper

Solar Fast grew out of Gas Fast, a West Yorkshire based boiler company founded by Dave Draper and his dad. In 2019, Dave took his tech driven business model and switched to providing domestic solar energy systems, with a focus on helping customers reduce energy bills and lower their carbon footprint. The switch to domestic installations facilitated the company’s growth, supporting sales of £33.1m in April 2023. The company’s growth has been further boosted by the expanding solar energy sector and its focus on the quality of products and professional accreditations.


Solar Buddies

Laura Waters & Kelli Aspland

Established in 2014 by Laura Waters and Kelli Aspland, Solar Buddies is headquartered in Cwmbran, Wales. The company’s flagship product is a colourful, child-friendly, refillable applicator designed to simplify and encourage the application of sunscreen. This innovation has made Solar Buddies a favourite among parents and schools for its practicality and focus on sun safety. The applicators are made with 94% recycled plastic, emphasising the brand’s dedication to environmental sustainability. In 2023, the founders appeared on the BBC’s Dragons’ Den, successfully securing equity investment from Peter Jones and Deborah Meaden. Solar Buddies is now broadening its vision and has plans to expand into travel and beauty products.


Panache Cruises

James Cole

Panache Cruises is an online travel agency specialising in luxury cruises. The Lancashire-based firm offers a range of ocean, river and expedition cruises. Each Panache Cruise customer is allocated a dedicated Cruise Connoisseur, who is available from the start of the booking process until they return from their holiday. James Cole founded the company in 2020 having previously launched an agency, Cruise118 in 2008, which was fully acquired by World Travel Holdings INC in 2018. Panache Cruises has benefited from James’ industry experience and the post-COVID travel boom, with many people eager to make up for lost travel opportunities.



George Dyer & Ewan Jones

Founded by two university students in 2014, Safejawz helps bring personality and comfort to an otherwise resented piece of sports equipment: the mouthguard. Ewan Jones and George Dyer had two things in common whilst attending the University of Manchester, they were both keen sportsmen and knew employment was not an option. What started as a business selling sports equipment to fellow students for extra cash, has turned into a specialist mouthguard manufacturer and retailer, working with athletes and celebrities including James Haskell and YouTuber KSI, who wore a £40,000 custom-made mouthguard for his boxing fight with Tommy Fury in 2023. These hpartnerships, combined with Safejawz’s signature designs, helped sales hit £3.3m in February 2023, when the company was also awarded the King’s Award for Enterprise.



Joe Hall & Jon Reuben

Gift & Go, an on-demand gifting platform delivered by Amazon Prime, is headquartered in London. The company provides businesses with a streamlined method to select and send gifts to clients and employees. Co-founded by Joe Hall and Jon Reuben in 2017, Gift & Go was created to simplify the gifting process, with a focus on making it quick, easy, and personal to send gifts. Since its inception, the company has experienced rapid growth, boosted by strategic partnerships with Konami, IGT, Light & Wonder, and Everi. In 2023, Gift & Go was ranked 10th in the Growth 100 list.


Stubble & Co

Victoria & Ben Watkiss

In 2016, Ben and Victoria Watkiss established Stubble & Co to create durable, versatile bags. This vision was inspired by their own experiences seeking reliable and stylish solutions for both urban and outdoor environments. Stubble & Co’s commitment to the environment is exemplified by their certification as a B Corporation, and their role in 1% for the Planet, an initiative where members pledge at least one per cent of their annual sales to support environmental causes. The company has fuelled their growth by establishing sports partnerships with Brentford FC and MCC Lord’s, as well as winning corporate clients including Beavertown and Salesforce. All of which helped sales jump from £680k in 2021 to £4.3m in 2023.


Eden Sustainable

Steve Baker & Scott Burrows

Eden Sustainable designs, installs, funds and manages solar project across the UK at sites, including commercial and industrial rooftops, farms and schools. It was founded in 2014 by serial entrepreneur Steve Baker and renewable energy expert Scott Burrows. The London-based company offers customers the opportunity to either fund their own projects or provides a funded solution where Eden leases their roof space, allowing them to install the solar panels without any upfront cost. The generated power is then sold to customers at a lower rate than their current energy supplier. In the last three years, Eden Sustainable has completed a range of projects, from Dominos Pizza warehouses to the flagship Felixstowe Mega Distribution Centre for Uniserve. In April 2024, the business secured a facility to invest £75m from Bristol-based Thrive Renewables.


Dynasty Partners

Jake Tipper & Harrison Foster

Dynasty Partners is a car sourcing and finance company offering concierge style services to individuals and businesses. Founded in 2018 by Jake Tipper and Harrison Foster, the company aims to cover all aspects of the car buying journey, from acquisition, to financing and selling a vehicle. The Birmingham-based business leverages its network of partners and providers to broaden its offering, working closely with popular brands such as Porsche, Land Rover, Lamborghini, and Ferrari. The company has grown to a team of 10, and reported sales of £26.9m in 2023, up 132.6% from the previous year.



Jack Walker & Aneisha Soobroyen

Husband and wife duo Aneisha Soobroyen and Jack Walker, set out to solve their pet’s ‘tummy troubles’ when they discovered probiotics. This put them on a journey to start Scrumbles from their London home, creating gut friendly food for cats and dogs. Founded in 2018 they later appeared on Dragons’ Den, where the founders rejected an offer of £60k from Deborah Meaden. The B-Corp company has since launched into major retailers such as Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Waitrose and Pets at Home and sells direct to consumer. Scrumbles has a loyal subscriber base, and has begun exporting to countries around the world.


Urban Pubs and Bars

Malc Heap & Nicholas Pring

Urban Pubs & Bars was founded in 2014 by Nick Pring and Malc Heap. The pair previously co-founded the company Realpubs, which was sold to Greene King in 2011. After the sale, the duo were keen to start another pub company, leading to the creation of Urban Pubs & Bars. The company now has 42 sites spread across London and is led by experienced hospitality chief executive, Chris Hill. The company’s focus on food has resulted in Urban Pubs & Bars being awarded the ‘Best Food-led Pub Company’ at the R200 awards, as well as ‘Best Managed Pub Company (2-50 sites)’ at the Publican Awards.



Jamie Mitchell

Low6 launched in 2017 from the vision of founder Jamie Mitchell, who set out to disrupt the iGames landscape. With a mission to offer a fresh take on gaming, Low6 developed a pool betting product that soon paved the way for partnerships with sports entities like UFC, PDC Darts and Sheffield Wednesday Football Club. The company has also designed a white-labelled platform that powers a variety of games—from trivia to fantasy sports. Their standout game, UltimateFan, which merges fantasy football with pack openings, climbed the app store charts, and has secured over 100,000 players. Located in Droitwich, the company has also ventured into the American sports market with the PGA TOUR and the Learfield College network.


LTS Refurbishment

Charlie Johnson

LTS Refurbishments Ltd specialises in the construction and restoration of properties across central London Boroughs, many of which are Grade 1 or 2 listed. The company was established in 1992 by chief executive and founder, Charlie Johnson. LTS Refurbishments’ growth has been supported by its strong client relationships, with sales reaching £41.8m in 2022, up from £8.5m in 2020. London-based LTS has continued to grow and now employs nearly 100 staff, including around 50 tradesmen, who assist with the management and delivery of projects. The company also runs apprenticeship schemes for young people looking to help them make their first steps into the construction industry.



Alex Whiting

MiTEQ provides technology solutions across various industries, including retail, healthcare, transportation and hospitality. MiTEQ was founded in 2020 by Alex Whiting and specialises in radio frequency identification (RFID) technology which is used to manage and track assets and inventory. The company also offers hardware, such as mobile computers and printers, as well as software, with the overall vision to improve businesses’ operational efficiency and reduce losses. The Wiltshire-based company recorded sales of £4.5m in 2023, up from £915k in 2021 and appeared on the 2023 FEBE Growth 100 Watch List.


BFY Group

Ian Barker

BFY Group is a management consulting firm specialising in energy, utilities and financial services. Founded in 2004 by Ian Barker, the firm has worked with clients on; strategy and commercial excellence, transformation, and operational turnaround and recovery. BFY also supports clients in emerging areas, including private equity, deal advisory, ESG due diligence, and Net Zero carbon. The Nottingham-based firm was recognised as one of the UK’s Leading Management Consultants by the Financial Times in 2024, with a team hired mostly from industry roles, who bring their expertise to client engagements.


ESL Fuels

Janet & Stephen Whittaker

ESL Fuels supplies a range of liquid fuels to meet customer requirements across the road, heating and marine markets. Stephen Whittaker started producing fuels in the 1990s and early products included biodiesel made from leftover cooking oil. After operating as a sole trader for several years, Stephen and his wife Janet launched the business in 2000. ESL Fuels has grown by developing its range of fuels including the recently launched renewable heating oil, which can help companies reduce their GHG emissions. The company operates from its purpose-built renewable fuels processing plant and headquarters at Ellesmere Port in Cheshire. The business grew to 20 employees in 2023 who helped propel sales up to £185m in June 2023, which was partly attributed to oil price increases and driven by the growing demand for sustainable fuels.



Richard & Alexa Sutcliffe

Founded in 2012 by Richard and Alexa Sutcliffe while travelling in Canada, Passenger’s aim is to ‘inspire meaningful escapism’ by offering outdoor clothing that is responsibly made, durable and versatile. Richard, a former electrician and Alexa, a graphic designer, launched Passenger with a focus on sustainability. Today, over 73% of its products are made with recycled or organic fabrics and they have protected over 28 million sqm of rainforest by donating monthly to the Rainforest Trust. The company plants a tree for every order through Trees for the Future which supports farmers in sub-Saharan Africa, and in April 2024 they reached a milestone of one million trees planted. Passenger appeared on the FEBE Growth 100 in both 2022 and 2023.



Martin Grimes & Adrian McCrory

Adman Group delivers specialist civil engineering services, from upgrading the rail network to enhancing electrical infrastructure. Founded by University of Ulster alumni Adrian McCrory and Martin Grimes in 2007, Adman Group is working to ‘transform the construction landscape throughout Ireland’. The company works across both the public and private sectors, from delivering projects for some of Europe’s largest renewable energy developers to providing infrastructure support on the local rail network. With a team of over 100, the company’s portfolio includes rail, energy, renewables and utility services. Adman has seen significant increase in their sales, which hit £64.6m in 2023.



Jordan Brompton & Lee Sutton

Myenergi started in 2016 when good friends Lee Sutton and Jordan Brompton wondered why there was no product that allowed Lee to charge his electric vehicle (EV) from the solar panels installed on his house. The combination of Lee’s electrical engineering background and Jordan’s marketing experience was the mix needed for the creation of Myenergi. Today the company manufactures several renewable energy products, intended to increase the efficiency and sustainability of existing systems, including EV charging and domestic heating. Whilst headquartered in Lincolnshire, Myenergi has opened subsidiaries in Australia, Germany, Ireland and the Netherlands. This global expansion has helped the company achieve the sale of over 500,000 products worldwide.


Cave Hotels

James Tory & Johnathan Callister

Nestled in Boughton, near Canterbury, Cave Hotels operates a hotel and golf resort. Inspired by luxury hotels from around the globe, owners James Tory and Johnathan Callister established Cave, and in 2019, reopened the venue after a major redevelopment. It now has two restaurants (one of which has been awarded 2 AA Rosettes), 41 rooms, a 6,591-yard golf course, and facilities to host events and weddings. The company’s turnover rose to £12m in 2023, and was featured in the FEBE Growth 100 list in the same year.


Wingstop UK

Tom Grogan, Herman Sahota & Saul Lewin

Wingstop UK is the master franchisee of the NASDAQ-listed Wingstop chain. The company has over 2,200 restaurants globally and in 2017 Wingstop signed a 100-restaurant deal with Lemon Pepper Holdings (LPH), which was appointed as the sole franchisee for the UK market. With no experience in the food and beverage industry, co-founders, Saul Lewin, Tom Grogan, and Herman Sahota, reached out to Wingstop via a cold email after hearing it mentioned in a Rick Ross rap. After 18 months of convincing, the partnership was born. The company’s growth has been supported by a focus on youth culture and social media, where they have amassed a following of over 500k on TikTok, and collaborations with celebrities such as rapper Stormzy. With over 2,000 employees, the company was also listed in The Sunday Times Best Places to work for Big Organisations in 2024.



Paul Simmerson, John Birch & Dave Taylor

E-PPL Holdings Ltd comprises Simmerson Associates Ltd, E-PPL Ltd, AutoScan UK Ltd and AutoScan India Pvt. With the company’s head office in Coventry, it also has regional offices in Telford and Country Durham as well as operations in India. E-PPL Group and its subsidiaries employ a team of around 1400 people, including engineers, manufacturing specialists, vehicle technicians, mechanics, auto-electricians, quality inspectors, fitters and painters. Known for their discretion, E-PPL Group has relationships with major Original Equipment Manufacturers and is a first tier supplier, supplying services for projects ranging from, launch support for new models, to vehicle recalls and quality rework, and upgrade and conversion campaigns. The company’s reputation is supported by contracts with clients, such as Bentley, Jaguar, Land Rover, Aston Martin and Rolls Royce.



Freddy Ward & Charlie Bowes-Lyon

Wild is a London-based manufacturer of natural, refillable personal care products available through a subscription model. Co-founded in 2019 by childhood friends Freddy Ward and Charlie Bowes-Lyon, Wild’s mission is to eliminate single-use plastic from the bathroom. The company’s environmental commitment goes beyond packaging, as exemplified by the 204,588 trees planted in 2023 through a partnership with On A Mission. To date, Wild has secured £11.2m in equity funding, including its latest fundraise in June 2023 of £3.6m. The brand’s online following and social media campaigns contributed to a turnover of £46m in 2023, underscoring its strong market presence. It was also featured in the 2023 FEBE Watch List.



Chris Pritchard

For over 30 years, AVK has been a provider of power generation systems and equipment. It supports businesses by offering critical services such as data centres, banks, and telecommunication. The company’s services encompass the design, installation, and maintenance of generators, power systems, and more. AVK was founded in 1989 by Chris Pritchard, who has since taken a strategic role as chairman, with Ben Pritchard now serving as chief executive. The firm’s name stems from its initial product range of protection relays for power generation and distribution. In response to client needs, its portfolio has since expanded to provide a power protection package, with its sights set on sustainable power alternatives. The company is on track to hit sales of £325m in 2024.



Louise Rayner

Numbermill was founded in 2014 by seasoned accountant Louise Rayner. Acknowledging the financial challenges faced by freelancers and contractors, she employed her financial expertise to establish the firm. Based in Hemel Hempstead, Numbermill provides customised accounting and consultancy services for its clients, which are predominantly in the recruitment sector. The company’s success has been driven by its strong online presence and delivering educational content. Numbermill also appeared on the FEBE Growth 100 in 2023.


CEN Group Holdings

Chris Dyett

London-based CEN Group was founded in 2018 by chief executive Chris Dyett. The company has three core business lines; CEN Advisory, that focusses on investor relations and board advisory; Sustainability consultancy, that helps companies maximise their ESG potential, performance, and disclosures, and ESG Data, which offers data and research solutions to enhance understanding and management of ESG risk. CEN has seen an increase in demand for its outsourced services, reflected in its £3.7m in sales in 2023. CEN also began its journey for B Corporation certification in early 2023 and is committed to Net Zero emissions by 2040.


Crow Wood

Andrew Brown

Founded by Andrew Brown in 1999, Crow Wood is located in the woodlands of Burnley, Lancashire. The site spans over 40 acres and serves as a health, fitness, and leisure facility. It includes a spa, hotel, leisure club, and several restaurants, all designed to provide a holistic wellness experience. Crow Wood has experienced an increase in membership revenue, as well as expansion resulting from a £16m investment into a new spa, enhancing the venue’s health and leisure offerings. Under Andrew’s leadership, Crow Wood has committed to several sustainable practices. The facility employs methods such as carbon offsetting for conference attendees and harnesses renewable energy sources, including solar power and combined heat and power units.


Simply Lunch

Terry & Julie Page

Simply Lunch, a family-owned food-to-go supplier, was founded in 1979 by husband-and-wife team Terry and Julie Page. What began as one food truck has expanded significantly with the help of their three sons, who are all directors in the business. Today, Simply Lunch operates from a full-scale production facility in South London and has distribution sites across the UK. The company creates products under their four core brands with a mission to ‘improve lives through delicious food’. Simply Lunch works with suppliers to source fresh ingredients and this dedication to freshness and variety has made Simply Lunch a recognised name in the competitive food supply industry.


USP Steels

Glyn Costigan

Based in Dudley, USP Steels is a leading steel, sheet, and plate supplier, serving diverse sectors such as agriculture, construction, and energy. Founded by Glyn Costigan in 2017, the company identified an untapped segment within the UK steel market and has since established a number of strategic partnerships which have contributed to the company’s growth in turnover, which hit £114.9m in 2022. The recent acquisition of a new four-acre site, and a 50,000 sq. ft distribution centre, signifies USP Steels’ commitment to expanding its operational footprint and enhancing efficiency across all aspects of its business. It also featured in the FEBE 2023 Growth 100.


Clarity Environmental

David Honcoop

Founded in 2002 by David Honcoop, Clarity Environmental specialises in waste management and consultancy services. Based in Brighton and Hove, the company focuses on minimising the environmental impact of packaging and helps businesses meet the UK’s environmental and recycling regulations. Clarity Environmental provide a range of services, including exporting scrap batteries for recycling, data services and ensuring compliance with waste regulations. In 2023 the company had a turnover of £95.2m, up 32% from the previous year, highlighting its continuous growth. Clarity Environmental ranked 93rd in the 2023 Growth 100.


Golf Travel Group

Patrick McCaghy

Golf Travel Group specialises in luxury golf holiday packages, both in the UK and internationally. The London-based business offers different types of trips from overnight golf breaks to bespoke longer holidays and cruises. Founded in 2016 by Patrick McCaghy, Golf Travel Group launched a number of new golf travel brands in 2022 including Golf Travel Centre, GolfTours.com, USA Golf Holidays and Chaka Travel. These new brands helped sales reach £12.3m in 2022, and £17.1m in 2023. The firm recently announced a partnership with fellow golf brand Scottsdale Golf, with the aim of offering more golf experiences, equipment and clothing to its customers. They featured
in the FEBE Growth 100 list in 2023.



Nicko Williamson

WeFlex was founded by chief executive Nicko Williamson in 2015 after recognising the need for more flexibility in the ride-hailing industry. The Ealing-based company was born out of Nicko’s earlier experience with Climatecars, which he sold to Addison Lee, where he introduced eco-friendly taxis to London’s streets. WeFlex offers ride-hailing drivers flexible financing options that eventually lead to vehicle ownership, in contrast to traditional long-term rental contracts. WeFlex also offer a service package to drivers, which includes insurance and servicing, making the switch to electric vehicles easier. WeFlex has a fleet of over 2,300 electric vehicles and appeared on the FEBE Growth 100 in 2022 and 2023.



Simon Cashmore & Simon Abley

Leicester-based Obsequio Group provides a broad range of compliance services, covering the supply, testing, and maintenance of safety systems. Its clients span various sectors, including business parks, schools, hospitals, housing estates, leisure centres and country estates. Co-founded by Simon Cashmore and Simon Abley in 2020, Obsequio has achieved growth through seven acquisitions, including its latest addition, West Midlands-based Bryland Fire Protection, in January 2024. The group’s growth strategy has been bolstered by funding from Beech Tree and acquisition facilities from Beechbrook. Obsequio Group featured in the 2023 Growth 100, ranking 37th.


Around Noon

Sheila, Francis & Gareth Chambers

Established in 1989 by Sheila Chambers in the city of Newry, Around Noon began as a family business providing sandwiches to local businesses. Over three decades, the company has grown and is now under the leadership of Sheila’s son, Gareth Chambers. Around Noon has transformed into a leading producer of food-to-go options, including sandwiches, salads, snacks, and bespoke catering services. This is reflected in the sales figures for 2023, which reached £68m. The company uses locally sourced ingredients and environmentally friendly packaging, and its products can be found in a variety of retail outlets and cafes, as well as at corporate events.


The Pure Gold Company

Joshua Saul

Whether it’s gold or silver, coins or bars, The Pure Gold Company provides certified investment guidance. Launched in 2012 by law graduate and financial analyst Josh Saul, the company specialises in guiding investors through the complexities of gold and silver investments. With a commitment to asset diversification, the The Pure Gold Company provides advice for clients looking to invest in precious metals. Since its launch, the company has had a number of notable partnerships, including one with the Royal Mint and several media appearances. The Pure Gold Company’s approach and media exposure helped propel its latest sales to £36.2m in March 2023.


Pets Purest

Oliver & Evie Bristowe

Pets Purest is a pet supplement brand offering a range of natural treats, supplements, and care products. Founders Oliver and Evie Bristowe launched the brand in 2017 with just £600, driven by the need for natural pet care alternatives. The company experienced significant growth, and by December 2021, it had secured its first round of equity funding from Fearless Adventures to support its ongoing expansion. Operating out of headquarters in Sale, Pets Purest now serves over 1m customers worldwide. Global sales helped the company hit revenues of £9.9m last year, up from £3.4m in 2021.


Applied Nutrition

Thomas Ryder

Liverpool-based Applied Nutrition is a nutrition supplements manufacturer and seller launched by Thomas Ryder when he took on a small brand that was in decline. Thomas rebranded and redeveloped the company and moved production to a new manufacturer. Applied Nutrition’s products are now available in over 60 countries. The company has forged partnerships with professional teams and athletes across a range of sports, including boxing and football. Applied Nutrition has focussed on B2B selling and overseas expansion instead of selling directly to consumers. At the end of 2022, the company set up its first overseas subsidiary in Texas, and its products are now stocked in Walmart. The company has also had domestic success, with listings in Tesco and Asda.


The Collecting Group

Edward Lovett

The Collecting Group started in 2018 with its Collecting Cars platform, an online marketplace for high-end cars, bikes, and automobilia. Since then, the company has expanded into luxury watches, launching its Watch Collecting brand in 2021. Founder and chief executive Edward Lovett leveraged 20 years of experience from working at his family’s high-end car dealership, Dick Lovett, to launch the business. From its headquarters in London, it has grown to 95 employees with additional offices across Europe and Australia. In 2022, it launched a partnership in the United Arab Emirates to grow platform usage within the Middle East. This is the Collecting Group’s second appearance in the Growth 100, having ranked 17th last year.


Astrid & Miyu

Connie Nam

Former investment banker Connie Nam launched the jewellery business Astrid & Miyu from her London flat in 2012, with the name coming from the Swedish and Japanese words for “beautiful”. Astrid & Miyu operates online and in stores across the UK and internationally, with locations in New York opening in June 2022 and Dublin in September 2023. The business received backing from multiple investors, most recently from the German investment group Aeternum Holdings in June 2019. It hit sales of £34m in December 2023—a 67% increase compared to 2022. This is Astrid & Miyu’s third appearance in the FEBE Growth 100, having been recognised in 2022 and 2023.


Blue Light Card

Thomas Dalby & Stephen Denny

Leicester-based Blue Light Card is a discount service dedicated to the NHS, emergency services, armed forces, and other frontline workers. Steve Denny, who was working as a police officer, wanted to build something to show appreciation for frontline workers, which led to childhood friends Steve Denny and Tom Dalby launching Blue Light Card to provide members with exclusive discounts online and in-store across categories including retail, travel, and dining. The card offers savings from hundreds of national and local retailers, and in 2022, the company saved workers over £100m.


Sidekick Group

Angela Vohmann

Founded in 2003 by Angela Vohmann, Sidekick provides facilities management and commercial cleaning services. Former investment banker, Peter Vohmann joined in 2015 as chief executive. Sidekick’s methodology uses marginal gains theory and triple bottom line reporting to deliver financial and carbon efficiencies for their clients. Headquartered in London, Sidekick has grown to £13.2m in sales, employs over 850 Sidekicks, and is BCorp certified. Clients include flex operators FORA, with whom they recently signed a 5-year £12m per annum contract, as well as corporates with large real estate needs like River Island and Robert Walters. Angela also secured a place in the Workplace Leaders Top 50 in 2024.


Flight Club

Paul Barham & Steve Moore

Co-founded by Paul Barham and Steve Moore in 2012, Flight Club owns and operates experiential bars centred around the game of darts. The company has recreated the traditional game of darts, using technology, including dart tracking cameras and automatic scoring. In addition to Flight Club’s ‘Social Darts’, the bars also offer a food and drink menu featuring cocktails and sharing plates, making them a popular choice for group social gatherings and corporate events. Having launched the first venue in London’s Shoreditch in 2015, Flight Club has since expanded into the US and Australia. Flight Club’s expansion saw sales increase more than 24% to £67m in 2023. The company has received £17.6m in equity funding since 2015, which has been used to fund the opening of new sites, both in the UK and abroad.



Leeanne & Guy Hundleby

Husband-and-wife team Guy and Leeanne Hundleby founded Strathberry with a focus on designing and creating handcrafted leather goods including bags, wallets and belts, as well as its own range of jewellery and cashmere clothing. In addition to selling products in their five stores in London and Edinburgh, and on their website, their products are also available via stockists, including Nordstrom, Harrods, and Saks Fifth Avenue. Strathberry has collaborated with celebrities, including Sarah Jessica Parker and Naomi Osaka. The company experienced a surge in sales when Megan Markle, carried one of their handbags during an appearance with Prince Harry. The brand has gained a global following, facilitating growth in online sales, and has benefited from the return of tourists to Edinburgh and London following the pandemic, strengthening store footfall.


Universal Partners

Oliver Carson & Dhaval Patel

Universal Partners is a financial services firm for businesses and high-net-worth individuals. Co-founded by Oliver Carson and Dhaval Patel in 2017, the company specialises in cross-border payments and bespoke risk management services. Universal Partners has earned recognition for its growth, including a nomination for the Scale-Up Business of the Year at the Lloyds British Business Excellence Awards, as well as securing a spot on the The Sunday Times Best Places to Work 2024 list. The company has experienced significant year on year growth since inception and recorded sales of £8.6m in 2023.



Spenser Mills

Established in 2018 by Spenser Mills and a team of construction experts, Drakemoor specialises in construction and refurbishment projects across the commercial, educational, healthcare, and residential sectors. The company has established itself by adopting a fullservice approach, managing initial designs to the final touches of a build. Driven by a mission to build better and more sustainably, Drakemoor has committed to reaching Carbon net zero by 2040. Drakemoor has been recognised with multiple industry awards, which commend its high standards in quality management, environmental practices, and safety procedures. These accolades reflect Drakemoor’s focus on quality, sustainable construction solutions while maintaining rigorous industry standards.



Doug Stewart

Doug Stewart entered the newly deregulated, privatised electricity market in 2001 to establish 100Green, which is dedicated to sourcing electricity exclusively from renewable sources. Based in Hertfordshire, 100Green has developed a network of independent generators, generating energy using wind, solar, hydroelectric, and anaerobic digestion—where microorganisms digest organic material to produce biogas. Through these efforts, 100Green has become a supplier of 100% green gas. The company’s commitment to its green ethos has earned a number of awards, including the Which? Eco Provider recognition for three consecutive years.



Colin Shute

SBFM (Sustainable Business Facilities Management) specialises in facilities management and commercial cleaning services. Founder Colin Shute launched SBFM after identifying a need for innovation in the traditional facilities management market. He aimed to leverage technology to enhance the company’s services, which include contract cleaning, pest control, and professional security. In August 2023, the company launched Evolve, an initiative aimed at providing training and job opportunities for disadvantaged groups, including ex-offenders, care leavers, refugees, and the homeless. Its commitment to environmental and social governance has contributed to success, with clients such as PureGym and DPD collaborating to further support and upskill Evolve recruits. This is SBFM’s second appearance in the Growth 100.



Elisabeth & Dominic Ponniah

Cleanology is a commercial cleaning company providing professional office and commercial cleaning services. The company was founded in 1999 by the mother and son team Elisabeth and Dominic Ponniah. Dominic—now chief executive—originally planned to help out his mother with her new business on a short term basis, but stuck with the business as it grew. The company began with a single client and one cleaner but has now expanded to 1,400 employees from 34 countries. Cleanology’s clients include large corporates and royal palaces, with the company offering a range of services across London and other major UK cities. Cleanology’s high-profile customers have helped sales grow from £8.6m in 2021 to £22m in 2023.


Pretty Lavish

Samantha & Stephanie Frost

Founded by Samantha and Stephanie Frost in 2013, Pretty Lavish started their company in their Hertfordshire living room, aiming to fill a market gap for affordable, high-quality clothing. Gaining popularity, the company opened its first store in 2017 and thrived during the COVID-19 pandemic by focusing on knitwear and lounge attire. Leveraging Instagram and TikTok, the brand collaborates with influencers to broaden its reach. Pretty Lavish expanded its range to include bridesmaids and curve collections, which are now available at Selfridges, ASOS, and at their Hertfordshire store. In 2023, the brand launched a menswear line and announced plans for international expansion, particularly targeting the US market.


Dynamic Metals

Steve Ambrose, Alex Bailey & Sam Excell

Dynamic Metals, founded in 2010 by Steve Ambrose, Sam Excell, and Alex Bailey, specialises in sourcing and supplying metals to industries like aerospace, motorsport, and power generation. The company operates from Bedfordshire, where its head office and a 20,000-square-foot distribution centre are located. It also runs its Conversion Centre in Sheffield, which assists clients in sourcing refined metal products from a network of partners. Increased demand for materials such as titanium, stainless steel, and aluminium by both UK and international clients saw sales increase more than 70% to £30.8m in 2023.



Clare Hornby

Former advertising executive Clare Hornby founded ME+EM in 2009 with the aim of creating flattering, functional and timeless women’s clothing. The company sells its designs direct-to-consumer through its website as well as 11 stand-alone stores and three concession sites across the UK and US. The company’s growth was supported by a £55m investment from Highland Europe in 2022. The brand’s designs have been worn by celebrities including Kate Middleton and Margot Robbie.


Interpolitan Money

Rishi Patel

Founded by Rishi Patel in 2012 as The Currency Account and rebranded in 2021, Interpolitan Money offers specialised banking solutions focusing on multi-currency and cross-border transactions. Before launching Interpolitan Money, Rishi was involved in starting a foreign exchange company that was listed on the London Stock Exchange’s AIM. Headquartered in London with an additional office in Mumbai, the company serves a diverse clientele, including private individuals and corporations, managing funds in over 50 currencies across 160 countries. Sales grew nearly 50% from 2022 to hit £4.9m in 2023, driven by global expansion and helped by rising interest rates that grew the company’s reserves. In 2023, Interpolitan Money was ranked 36th on the FEBE Growth 100.


Otto Car

Gurinder Dhillion

Founded in 2014 by Gurinder Dhillon, Otto Car started with a single vehicle in West London and has grown to operate six vehicle hubs across the city, specialising in providing electric vehicles for private-hire drivers. Initially focusing on black cabs, Gurinder shifted his attention to leasing electric vehicles for use with ride-hailing apps like Uber, recognising their significant growth potential. This pivot positioned Otto Car advantageously, especially as Transport for London’s legislation now requires new private-hire vehicles to be zero-emission compliant. To date, Otto Car has helped over 20,000 drivers get on the road.



Andy Offer OBE & Chris Norton OBE

Oil spill spotting, search & rescue, and airborne intelligence training are a few services offered by Northamptonshire-based 2Excel. Founded in 2005 by former Royal Air Force pilots Andy Offer OBE and Chris Norton OBE, who each spent 22 years in the RAF, and commanded operational Harrier squadrons, amongst other appointments. This aviation services business has grown from five people and four aircraft to more than 400 employees and 30 aircraft. Today, the company works across defence and security, engineering, and disaster response. 2Excel Aviation comprises capability development, special missions, charter, and insight, and 2Excel Engineering is an aircraft maintenance and repair organisation.


WB Power Services

Valerie Wilmott

WB Power Services was founded in 1983 by Valerie Wilmott and her family in Derbyshire. Originally named Wilmott Brothers, the company provides maintenance services for generators, with notable clients including Nottingham’s Queen’s Medical Centre and the British Antarctic Survey. As the business expanded, it underwent a management buyout in 2003 and was renamed WB Power Services. This change reflects the company’s broadened scope, which now includes generator hire, maintenance, and bespoke power solutions across various sectors such as healthcare, data centres, and construction. A significant source of WBPS’s growth is the development of new products, specifically renewable power infrastructure.


The Oxford Health Company

Tom Humphrey & James Allen

The Oxford Health Company manufactures and sells supplements via its brands, Oxford Vitality and Oxford Contract Manufacturing. Founded by friends James Allan and Tom Humphrey in 2013, the Oxfordshire-based firm’s product range includes herbal supplements, health foods, vitamins, and minerals for people and pets. In addition to selling supplements via its Oxford Vitality brand, the business also manufactures products for other companies. The company has expanded internationally and now sells a significant proportion of its products abroad. International expansion helped grow sales to £10m in 2023, up from £4.1m in 2021.


Rees Associates

Mark Rees

Founded in 2008, Rees Associates is a Surrey-based consultancy specialising in back-of-house design and build for the hospitality and entertainment sectors. Under the leadership of founder Mark Rees, the company has worked on high-profile projects, including Michelin-starred restaurant St John, Hakkasan, event venue Outernet London, and the Arcade Food Court at London’s Battersea Power Station shopping centre. Awards for clients such as “Best Hotel Restaurant in the World” for The Newt in Somerset and recent expansion into the UAE to deliver schemes for Caprice Holdings and D.ream Hospitality, helped sales hit £4.3m in the year to March 2024. Rees Associates also featured in the FEBE Growth 100 in 2023.


Green Frog Connect

Richard Shearer & Tom Drake

Green Frog Connect Ltd, founded in 2013 by Tom Drake and Richard Shearer in the UK, focuses on engineering and construction services for renewable energy and energy storage projects. The team, who specialise in electrical engineering and project management, work to meet the rising demand for high voltage grid connections in the renewable energy sector. The company has recently expanded its range of services to include the design, construction, and commissioning of electrical infrastructure for various energy projects, contributing to sales more than doubling in 2023 to £20.9m.


Kettle Kids

Harvey & Jacob Hutson

Kettle Kids is a watch and jewellery brand. The name comes from the London slang word “kettle”, which means watch. Founded in 2017 with £1,000 from their grandmother, South London brothers Harvey and Jacob Hutson started the brand by buying three watches off eBay. Initially, the brand made its mark by engaging with the close-knit online community of watch collectors. The COVID-19 pandemic helped boost sales as people spent more money on luxury items online, which helped drive Kettle Kids’ expansion as an online retailer. Building on its success, the company recently expanded by opening a flagship boutique in Mayfair, offering an in-store selection of rare watches and customised jewellery.



Simon Shepherd & Andrew Bennion

Based in Gloucester, AIS is a global supplier of insulation, passive fire protection, buoyancy, and cable protection systems. Co-founded by Simon Shepherd and Andrew Bennion in 2007, the company provides advanced materials essential for industries where system failure could have severe consequences, such as the energy, industrial, automotive, chemical, and marine sectors. Since its founding, AIS has grown through acquisitions and established subsidiaries in 13 countries. The company’s entry into offshore wind and automotive markets led to a more than 70% increase in revenues year-on-year, reaching £111.2m in 2023, the same year AIS was honoured with the King’s Award for Enterprise.


NMS Infrastructure

Frederik Hsu, Peter Marks, Louis Oliver, Nicholas Oliver & Adam Hatifeld

NMS Infrastructure (NMSI) designs, builds, finances and delivers complex infrastructure projects across sub-Saharan Africa. It delivers projects in sectors such as healthcare, education, clean water, renewables and agriculture. The company was founded by Frederik Hsu, Peter Marks and Louis Oliver. Frederik has a background in corporate finance, having acted for investors and companies raising money. Peter has previous experience at blue-chip engineering companies delivering complex projects for overseas governments. Louis worked in procurement and logistics, managing supplies into government agencies. NMSI is currently delivering projects in Cote d’Ivoire, Ghana, Zambia, and Zimbabwe, having completed over 120 healthcare facilities with contracts to deliver a further 22 hospitals. This is NMSI second appearance on the FEBE Growth 100.


MTArt Agency

Marine Tanguy

Marine Tanguy launched Certified B Corporation, MTArt Agency in 2015, following a career in visual arts in London and LA. MTArt agency is an artist talent agency which looks to support, promote and enable artists to work with the broadest canvas possible, from working with brands to public art and fine art institutions. The agency works with global organisations across multiple cities and supports an international community of art-lovers and collectors. MTArt has a diverse range of clients including Apple, Hyundai and the World Cup.



Peter Vardy

CarMoney was founded in 2014 by Peter Vardy and operates a website that allows users to find and compare car finance deals. The North Lanarkshire-based firm offers customers a simple and quick way to access car finance, matching applicants with lenders. CarMoney works with a variety of car finance lenders, including BNP Paribas, Alphera, and Blue Motor Finance, to address the diverse credit needs of the market. The company has continued to grow through increasing partnership agreements with businesses, including Gumtree, MoneySuperMarket, and Autotrader. In 2022, CarMoney brokered over £157m worth of loans, and in 2023 sales turnover hit £24.9m. The company also ranked 63rd on the 2023 Growth 100 list last year.



Colin Tucker

Educ8 provides apprenticeship programmes and training courses, with customers ranging from SMEs to multinationals. The business was established in 2004 by founder and chairman Colin Tucker and initially focused on health and social care. Educ8 has since expanded into new training areas via a number of strategic acquisitions and employs over 250 people. Educ8 delivers fully funded apprenticeships for the Welsh Government and offers a portfolio of qualifications including healthcare, leadership, digital, hair and beauty, and equine. The company is Investors in People platinum accredited, and in 2023, was recognised in the top 5 ‘Best Large Companies to Work For in the UK’. Educ8 has implemented an Employee Ownership Trust scheme, with staff now owning 51% of the business.


Extons Foods

Elizabeth Parkinson & Rachael Edwards

Extons Foods, a family-run business based in Manchester, is one of the UK’s largest cheese processors, specialising in producing sliced, grated, and block cheese. Founded in 2000 by Liz Parkinson—joined by her sister Rachel Edwards in 2002—the company originated when Liz bought a small cheese delivery service in Stockport. The business has grown by reinvesting in new facilities, such as a new factory in South Manchester that opened in 2013. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the company adapted by enhancing its partnerships with retail companies to sustain growth. Now, Extons Foods produces 450 tonnes of cheese a week, with its most popular products being sliced and grated cheeses. This focus on strategic reinvestment and adaptability led to a more than 50% increase in sales year-on-year, reaching £96.7m in 2023.


Hippo Digital

Adam Lewis & Liz Whitefield

Founded in 2016, Hippo is a full-service digital services consultancy headquartered in Leeds employing over 500 specialists across the UK. Co-founder Adam Lewis launched the company as he believed there was a lack of consultancy partners that applied a user experience focus for public sector transformation projects. Hippo’s approach combines user-centred design principles, robust engineering, data and cyber practices. The company’s clients include the NHS, BBC, Department for Work & Pensions, GAMSTOP, Ministry of Justice and the wider UK public and private sectors. Winning new clients and expanding existing accounts helped Hippo’s sales hit £38.6m in 2023, a 50% increase over the prior year.


Luxe Collective

Joseph & Ben Gallagher

Liverpool-based Luxe Collective, founded in 2018 by brothers Joseph and Ben Gallagher, has carved a niche in the pre-loved luxury fashion market. The pair were inspired by their mother’s ability to buy affordable designer shoes from a second-hand website, leading them to start their own business focused on sustainable luxury fashion. The company offers customers the opportunity to trade in their designer items and purchase pre-owned luxury goods. It has successfully leveraged social media, amassing a following of 1.9m on TikTok, where it engages users with fashion content. Increased brand awareness helped sales hit £5.7m in 2023, up from £2.5m in 2021. In March 2024, serial entrepreneur and Dragons’ Den investor Steven Bartlett invested £100k in the business.


The T-Shirt Factory

Nick Higgins & Adam Steventon

The Tshirt Factory Europe specialises in the design, sourcing, decoration, and manufacturing of apparel and accessories for international companies. Catering to renowned names in the music industry like Ed Sheeran, Taylor Swift, Billie Eilish, and The Rolling Stones, they operate across touring, e-commerce, and retail sectors for major record labels and festivals worldwide. Additionally, the company produces merchandise for fashion retailers, e-tailers, and licensing partners such as Disney, Netflix, and Warner Brothers. Founded by Nick Higgins and Adam Steventon, the company began selling branded clothing to halls of residence and sports teams at the University of Loughborough, before recognising their potential to expand. The Tshirt Factory’s growth has been propelled by its commitment to sustainable and ethical production, achieving a turnover of £18.2m in 2023.



Gregor Lawson, Fraser & Ali Smeaton

MorphCostumes is an online fancy dress costume retailer based in Edinburgh. Brothers Ali and Fraser Smeaton founded the business in 2009 alongside their flatmate Gregor Lawson, with a starting capital of £1,000 from their savings. They began selling full-body, skin-tight spandex costumes, known as Morphsuits, as a small online side hustle. By 2014, the company rebranded to MorphCostumes and expanded to include a wide range of traditional fancy dress costumes for men, women, and children. MorphCostumes received £4.2m in equity investment from BGF Growth Capital in 2012 and grew its offerings by acquiring costume manufacturer Fun Shack in 2019. This is the company’s second appearance in the FEBE Growth 100, having ranked 80th last year.


NM Productions

Anissa Payne

NM Productions is a global production company that provides full production services, including talent and location scouting and on-set support. Anissa Payne founded NM Productions in 2018 as she wanted to build a company that championed a streamlined, non-traditional approach to production. In the last five years, NM Productions has produced content for clients including Nike, Range Rover, and Pepsi and works with a diverse range of directors and photographers.


Comfort Click

Vivek Shukla, Chetan Shukla & Minesh R. Pattni

Founded in 2005 by Vivek Shukla, Chetan Shukla and Minesh R. Pattni, Comfort Click is a Kent-based e-commerce retailer supplying branded vitamins, minerals and supplements. The company sells own brand health and nutritional products including multivitamins and plant extracts products. Comfort Click also sells own brand pet health, dental and personal care products through its direct to consumer and marketplace channels. The company’s product diversification and introduction of a wholesale division in 2015 have contributed to its continued growth, helping increase sales more than 40% year-on-year to £51.7m in 2023.


Fairfax & Favor

Marcus Fairfax Fountaine & Felix Favor Parker

Fairfax & Favor is a Norfolk-based clothing brand selling men’s and women’s clothing and accessories, both online and via its six stores. The company began with a focus on boots and shoes, but also now stocks a range of accessories, bags and clothing. Marcus Fountaine and Felix Parker combined their middle names to create the Fairfax & Favor brand when they were 15 years old. In 2013, the childhood friends returned from university and decided to revive the brand, focusing on selling hand-crafted leather boots. The pair travelled to Spain where they ordered 400 pairs of hand-made boots which they sold at the Holkham Country Fair. The success at the country fair funded the next event, which led to the initial growth in the brand. Fairfax & Favor took part in its first US trade show in 2023, as it now plans to enter the US market.



Phil James

&SONS is a men’s clothing brand that offers workwear inspired pieces, including jackets, shirts and accessories. &SONS mainly operates via its online store, but the company also has two physical shops, one in Cheltenham, which opened in 2021 and one in London. The business was founded by advertising photographer Phil James, who, while working as a photographer, wore vintage workwear-style clothing that would withstand the physical demands of his job. He wanted to remain stylish but struggled to source clothing from a single store. The search for quality workwear, which would serve Phil’s practical needs, led to the launch of the brand in 2016. The shop also offers customers the chance to buy repaired stock and items from previous seasons, enhancing the brand’s sustainability efforts.


Social Pantry

Alex Head

Alex Head’s passion for serving fresh, seasonal and sustainable food and delivering events that leave a positive impact led her to launching Social Pantry in 2011. Starting the business out of her home kitchen, Alex has taken the company on a journey towards its goal of becoming a zero waste-to-landfill caterer. Alex has grown Social Pantry in its mission to become an employer of prison leavers and a supporter of independents, co-ops, and B Corporations. Today, Social Pantry, is an independent, sustainable events catering company, having catered for the likes of Rhianna, Hilary Clinton, Gigi Hadid and David Attenborough.


Revive Collagen

Samantha Faiers & John Bailey

Founded in 2020 by Samantha Faiers and John Bailey, Revive Collagen was inspired by Samantha’s search for a solution to her postpartum acne. Discovering the power of collagen led her to create Revive Collagen with her business partner John. Within four years, the company has developed a range of six ready-to-drink supplements developed to target a range of challenges, from initial collagen loss in mid-twenties through to menopause. Each of Revive Collagen’s products combines Type 1 marine collagen, with beauty ingredients and vitamins to provide an all-in-one shot, and they also introduced a vegan collagen alternative in 2022. The company has thousands of customers, sells one box every 60 seconds and has featured in the likes of Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, and Good Housekeeping.



Michael Harrison & Harvey Jenkinson

Gravity operates several leisure activity parks across the UK, offering a range of activities, varying across each site. The activities offered by the company include go-karting, augmented reality bowling, trampoline parks, and rock climbing walls. The Leeds-based company was founded in 2014 by childhood friends Michael Harrison and Harvey Jenkinson. Starting with a single 17,000-square-foot trampoline park, Gravity now has 20 locations across the UK. Gravity’s approach to expansion has differed from similar businesses, focusing on high-street and shopping centre locations rather than units further out of town. With retailers leaving large high street units vacant, Gravity utilises these spaces to expand its locations. Since 2014, Gravity has received £39.9m in equity funding, which has fueled its expansion domestically and internationally, with locations also now in Mauritius and Malta.


On A Roll Sandwich Company

James Stodart

Founded in 2008 by chef James Stoddart, On a Roll Sandwich Company crafts food-to-go products. The food business started life in a local bakery in Middlesbrough, and now operates from over 50,000 sq ft across two facilities. The company’s HQ, The Pantry, is a custom-built facility on the riverside in Middlesbrough. The company attribute their success to new product development and collaborating closely with customers. On a Roll Sandwich Company works with the health, education, retail, and travel sectors supplying a range of sandwiches, wraps and protein bowls.



Jeremy Stern

PromoVeritas offers marketing services for businesses looking to run prize draws, cashback, competitions, instant wins or other prize promotions. The company’s inhouse legal team draft the Terms & Conditions and check the advertising to make sure everything is compliant with local laws and best practice. Then the digital team create the entry site and the project team receive the entries, pick winners, judge competition submissions, create winning ‘Willy Wonka’ style golden tickets, and handle the delivery of prizes. Founded by chief executive, Jeremy Stern, the company has expanded worldwide. In 2023 PromoVeritas ran campaigns in over 80 countries for clients including Amazon, Kellogg’s, Cadbury, Pepsi and Barclays. In 2024 the company was awarded the King’s Award for Enterprise and opened PromoVeritas Inc in the USA to service their American clients.


Godfrey Care Homes

Andy Barnes & Hayder Atia

Godfrey Care was founded in 2017 by Andy Barnes and Hayder Atia, inspired by their shared passion for making a difference to the lives of adults with learning disabilities and complex needs. Now operating 14 homes, the company provides a range of specialist residential care and supported living. The Staffordshire based company has achieved growth as a result of its care model which is based on tailored support and working in collaboration with healthcare professionals. The company is acquiring new sites for the development of its care provision, with plans to become a national care provider.


Hectic Lifestyles

Bal Sandher

Hectic Lifestyles, trading as NutraDirect, is a contract manufacturer of health supplements, specialising in sports supplements and nutrition products. Founded by Bal Sandher in 2008 while he was still at university, the company began with his initial investment of £1,200. Initially, the Kent-based company sold supplements manufactured by other suppliers before launching its own contract manufacturing in 2015. To support its growth, the company moved into a 40,000-square-foot facility in 2020, followed by an additional 35,000-square-foot site in 2023. This expansion allowed for the introduction of new manufacturing capabilities, such as plant-based meat and vitamin gummies, further fueling the company’s growth. Hectic Lifestyles also featured in the 2023 FEBE Growth 100 list, ranking 73rd.


KBF Enterprises

Kieran Fisher

KBF Enterprises owns a number of sports nutrition brands in the UK including Warrior. The company manufactures a range of protein powders, bars and supplements to help customers get more protein into their diet. Under the stewardship of founder, Kieran Fisher, who founded the company in 2008, KBF Enterprises has seen significant growth with listings secured at retailers including Tesco, WHSmith and Asda. Warrior is now available in over 30 countries worldwide and over 19m of its bestselling protein bars – Warrior CRUNCH and Warrior RAW – were sold in 2023.


Hilltop Honey

Scott Davies

Hilltop is a honey manufacturer based in Powys, Wales. It sells its products to most major supermarkets such as Tesco, Morrisons and Sainsbury’s, as well as online. The brand was founded by managing director Scott Davies in 2011 – then aged 22 – after a back injury left him unable to work. He started jarring and labelling honey by hand at home, and his break came in 2015 when Holland & Barrett ordered 25,000 jars. Business growth has been supported by a diversification in products, which now, in addition to honey, also includes maple syrup, agave, and beauty items plus new listings including launching in ASDA this year.


Thomas Franks

Frank Bothwell

Founded in 2004, by Frank Bothwell, Thomas Franks is a contract catering company. The company provides dining services including café concepts, fine dining, hospitality, and event catering, as well as supplying food for schools across the UK and Europe, particularly boarding schools. Thomas Franks is focussed on sustainability which means they work with local, family-owned regional suppliers to support local communities and to reduce their carbon footprint and food miles. They also state that 100% of the company’s food waste is composted. Winning new client contracts combined with the impact of opening a London division helped sales rise to £72.6m in September 2023.



Jamie Cooke & Ben Ridgway

iamproperty works with estate agents by providing a range of products and solutions that help clients tackle key challenges such as time, revenues, efficiencies, and risk. Newcastle-based iamproperty’s solutions include CRM, compliance, onboarding and conveyancing. Founded by managing directors Jamie Cooke and Ben Ridgway in 2009, the company works with over 6,000 estate agency branches across the UK. Since 2020, the company’s team has tripled in size, now employing over 600 people. In 2023 LDC exited its investment in iamproperty to the private equity company Perwyn.



Galahad & Asher Clark

Founded in 2012 by two seventh generation cobblers, Galahad and Asher Clark, Vivobarefoot is a barefoot footwear company. The company draws upon barefoot design principles and manufacture wide, thin and flexible shoes that are designed to improve foot health and natural movement. As a certified B Corp, Vivobarefoot focuses on its social and environmental impact, and the company also offer a number of natural health courses for its community that centre around holistic transitions, nature and natural rhythms.



Roland & Lisa Llewellin

Genpower operates as a global importer and distributor of JCB tools and Hyundai power products. Founded in 2006 by husband and
wife team, Lisa and Roland Llewellin, they now have a team of over 125 people. The company is based in Pembrokeshire, Wales and
specialises in a wide range of equipment, from garden machinery to power tools and pressure washers. Since its launch, the company
has opened three distribution centres and expanded its catalogue to include over 350 product lines across its brands.



Pauline & Johnny Paterson

Dr.PAWPAW was founded in 2013 by husband-and-wife team Johnny and Pauline Paterson as they wanted to create a natural solution to soothe their daughter’s eczema. Today, the company’s products are available in nearly 50 countries and in the year to October 2023 they hit sales of £8.5m. Dr.PAWPAW has won over 40 global awards, and was listed in the Sunday Times Best Places to Work in 2024. The company’s products are vegan, and are created with sustainable, natural ingredients and with eco-conscious packaging. Recently, Dr.PAWPAW has launched into Australia and has plans for European expansion in France and Germany, as well as the Middle East.


Vuba Resin

Sean Scott

This East Yorkshire business formulates and manufactures resin products, such as resin bound kits used on driveways and the patented Easihold pour on stone binder. Vuba supplies products to the trade and the public across the UK and exports its products overseas, mostly to the USA. Managing director Sean Scott started the business in his garage selling specialist resin products online after being made redundant during the recession. The business has grown as a result of its popularity with influencers and an increase in its product range, with the company moving to a new 12,000 sq unit in 2023.



Sherry Vaswani

Xalient specializes in the management of digital identity, cybersecurity, and secure networking. The company offers identity solutions and services including digital identity and access enforcement. Xalient also delivers software-defined networking, cybersecurity technologies and managed services. Established in 2015, Xalient is now a global IT consulting and managed services provider, headquartered in the UK, with additional offices in the USA and Europe. Xalient works with a range of clients including Kellogg’s, Avis Budget Group, WPP, and Keurig Dr Pepper. In 2024 the company was named among Europe’s Fastest Growing Companies by the FT; in the EMEA Top 10 Inspiring Workplaces, and the Sunday Times Best Places to Work.

Founder Stories

The 2023 Watch List


Christian Facey & Wilfrid Obeng

Audiomob, co-founded by Forbes 30 Under 30 entrepreneurs Christian Facey and Wilfrid Obeng, enables brands and musicians to reach consumers and allows developers to monetize games and apps with audio ads, whilst maintaining user experience. Christian, an ex-advertising strategist at Google and Facebook, and Wilfrid, a former engineer at Google, J.P. Morgan, and Goldman Sachs, have led Audiomob since its inception in 2020. The company has executed campaigns for Xbox, Dr. Pepper, Babbel, and Sony Music, partnering with developers like TapNation and Lockwood. To date, the company has raised $15m from investors like Google and Makers Fund.

Batch LDN

Sam Matanle & Julian Osborne

Batch LDN is a fashion brand that creates reimagined versions of suits, released in made-to-order batches via their website. Launched in 2022 in London by Samuel Matanle and Julian Osborne, the brand aims to address the poor state of sustainability in the fashion industry. By manufacturing garments in named batches, Batch LDN minimises production waste by only producing what has been sold. The company offers detailed guides to help customers find the right size, including online fitting consultations, and has partnered with SOJO to provide door-to-door tailoring services. By ensuring proper fit, the company further reduces returns and the associated waste.

Bold Bean Co

Amelia Christie-Miller

Amelia Christie-Miller founded Bold Bean Co in 2021 with a mission to ‘change the way we think about beans’. Having previously worked in food sustainability, Amelia was conscious of soil health, diversity and meat overconsumption. With millions of varieties available, soil-rejuvenating properties, and high protein content Amelia focussed on beans. Today, Bold Bean Co’s slow cooked jarred beans are used by some well-known chefs and are listed in Sainsbury’s, Waitrose, Marks & Spencer and Ocado, as well as in independent stores. The company launched their first recipe book, Bold Beans: Recipes to Get your Pulse Racing, by Octopus in July 2023.


Alan Mahon & James Hughes

Co-founded in 2016 by Alan Mahon and James Hughes, the pair conceived the idea of a beer brand guided by a non-profit Foundation that would invest in high impact projects at home and abroad to promote equity and opportunity. Over the 8 years’ since launching Brewgooder, the company has invested £250,000 in projects across the world including clean water projects, community fridges, inclusion, and sustainable sourcing initiatives. In 2023 they achieved 71% growth to hit sales of £4.2m, and count customers like Co-op, Waitrose and Sainsbury’s amongst their customers.


Anthony Koumi & Benjamin Billows

Harnesses, collars, leads, and ID tags are just some of the products sold by dog accessory brand BullyBillows. The company was founded in Nottingham in 2018 by Benjamin Billows and Anthony Koumi, initially operating from a spare bedroom. The founders initially started posting images of dogs to Instagram, raising money for local charities. As their content took off, they realised there was a business opportunity in selling pet accessories. Since then, the company has grown to 40 employees across offices in the UK, Czech Republic, and South Korea. BullyBillows has grown by leveraging social media competitions to expand its following and by strategically targeting the European market, helping sales reach £5.9m in the year ending November 2023.

Calla Shoes

Jennifer Bailey

Calla shoes was founded by Jennifer Bailey, a bunion sufferer who wanted to wear stylish shoes that wouldn’t irritate her feet. Not being able to find shoes to fit her feet for her wedding inspired Jennifer to launch the brand in 2015. Having founded Calla shoes after being made redundant while pregnant, Jennifer’s wants to provide women with bunions, or other foot problems, with stylish and comfortable shoes, and today Calla sells to customers in over 60 countries.

Cano Water

Josh White, Perry Alexander & Ariel Booker

In 2014, whilst on vacation in Thailand, three friends from London noticed the amount of rubbish and plastic bottles on a remote island. Founders Josh White, who had previously launched an events company, Perry Alexander, a self taught graphic designer, and Ariel Booker, a headhunter, started researching and discovered that cans are more recycled than plastic. Cano Water launched in 2015 selling still and sparkling water in cans. Today the company sources and cans its water in the UK and sells via retailers including Tesco and Ocado.

Chu Lo

Steph Buttery

Chu Lo Manufacture Japanese inspired soft drinks. Founder, Stephanie Buttery, a former Royal Navy Captain, first tasted the alcoholic drinks Chuhai during a deployment to Japan. On returning home and finding nothing in the UK similar to the sour taste of Chuhai, Stephanie began creating her own alcohol free sour fruit soft drink. Since its launch in 2019, Stephanie became a finalist on BBC’s Gordon Ramsay’s Future Food Stars and Chu Lo is now stocked in stores and restaurants across the UK and EU including The Ivy, Wasabi and Yo Sushi.


Alex Wright & Jack Scott

Having both come from farming backgrounds, DASH co-founders Alex Wright and Jack Scott had seen the amount of fruit and veg that was going to waste in the UK. With supermarkets rejecting fruit and veg based on the way they looked, the pair decided they would infuse this wasted produce with spring water and create a range of sparkling beverages. The London-based company operates out of “Wonky HQ”, named after the misshapen fruit and veg that makes its way into DASH’s cans. DASH’s commitment to being free of sugar and additives and its mission to reduce food waste have made it a popular choice among consumers. It is now stocked in Starbucks, Tesco, and Sainsbury’s, and DASH has expanded into countries including France and Australia.

Double Dutch

Joyce & Raissa de Haas

Double Dutch is a tonic and mixer company founded by Netherlands-born twins Joyce and Raissa de Haas in 2015. Frustrated by bland mixers during their time at the University of Antwerp, they created a variety of premium tonics using natural ingredients. Since launching, Double Dutch has secured over £10m in equity funding and sold more than 60m bottles. In 2020, the London-based company took investment from Heineken to support its growth. The pandemic prompted a shift to digital sales and the establishment of production facilities in Europe and South Africa. Double Dutch is now available in 45 countries around the world.


Dan & Charlie Wilson-Vaughan

EXALT produces a range of premium cold-pressed nutrition drinks, including high-protein meal replacement smoothies and functional juices. Husbands Dan and Charlie Wilson-Vaughan founded Exalt in 2019 after they were both let go from their jobs and decided to take the opportunity to do something new. The pair were frustrated with the lack of healthy on-the-go food options, which made it difficult to fuel their workout habits alongside busy schedules. The London-based company has recently forged a 4-year partnership with Tottenham Hotspur football club, providing players with personalised smoothies, juices, and performance shots.

Farrar & Tanner

Matthew Farrar & Richard Tanner

Cheltenham-based Farrar & Tanner sells high-end, personalised gifts online, including watches, decanters, and kitchen knives. The brand is named after co-founders, Matthew Farrar and Ricard Tanner, who launched the gift website in 2016, having acquired an outdoor brand selling knives and torches in 2014 that allowed them to focus on personalised gifting – a key focus of Farrar & Tanner. It sources products from heritage brands and established suppliers across the UK and Europe, and stocks over 4,000 products from brands such as Barbour, Robert Welch and Vera Wang. In 2023 Farrar & Tanner opened a showroom in Cheltenham, where customers can see the range of products and have items personalised in-store. The company grew group sales to £10.7m in 2023.


Ed Armitage & Jessica Leather

Husband and wife team Ed Armitage and Jessica Leather founded the Gloucestershire-based bone broth company Freja in 2020. Ed noticed the growth in the bone broth market in the US and wondered why it was not well known in the UK. The pair set out to recreate the bone broths of their childhood, with the benefits of a long shelf life, natural ingredients, and high animal welfare standards. Freja’s range of broths includes beef, chicken, fish and a vegan variety, all of which are stocked at Ocado, Selfridges, Booths, and Whole Foods. In January 2024, Freja raised £2m in equity funding, which included investment from footballer Harry Kane and Olympic triathlete Alistair Brownlee.


Eoin Keenan

Goodrays was founded in 2020 by Eoin Keenan, who experienced anxiety, and found CBD helped him manage his own stress, anxiety and sleep issues. Today, Goodrays design and manufacture CBD products, including a range of CBD gummies and oils, for consumers across Europe. The omnichannel business has over 10,000 distribution points, selling online and via national retailers, including supermarkets such as Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Ocado and Waitrose, helping the brand reach over £10m in retail sales value in 2023.

Hello Klean

Karlee Zhang & Omer Ozener

London-based Hello Klean supplies a range of beauty tools, hair care and body care products. Founded by Karlee Zhang and Omer Ozener, Hello Klean was inspired by Karlee’s own battle with hair and skin issues as she travelled for work. Identifying hard water as the root cause, she set out to create a solution. Launched in 2020 with its flagship shower filter, Hello Klean has expanded its product line to include hair care and body care products. Hello Klean has a customer base of over 200,000 individuals worldwide and is sold in retailers such as Sephora, Selfridges, Cult Beauty and Douglas. In 2023, the company secured investment from Steven Bartlett during the company’s appearance on Dragon’s Den and achieved a revenue milestone of £5.5m.

Humble Crumble

Kim Innes

Humble Crumble is an in-store and online crumble bakery founded in 2018 by Kim Innes. Starting with a single stall at Primrose Hill Market in London, her approach of letting customers build their own crumble order from scratch, gained attention. This led to the opening of three bakeries across London. Humble Crumble’s growth has been fueled by its use of social media, with nearly 250k followers across Instagram and TikTok. Kim focuses on creating visually appealing posts and featuring classic recipes such as apple crumble to creative variations like trifle and sticky toffee pudding inspired crumbles. Humble Crumble also encourages customers to share their own photos and videos, which has helped grow its customer base organically.


Rene Macdonald

Lisou was founded by former stylist, Rene Macdonald, in 2018 inspired by the vibrant colours of Tanzania. The company name comes from Rene’s mother’s childhood nickname for her and is focussed on injecting ‘fun and joy’ into women’s wardrobes. Lisou’s collection is made from silks with all prints designed in-house by Rene. Having grown up in Tanzania, Rene moved to the UK at a young age but travelled back and forth to Africa where her family still were, which provided much of the inspiration for the business today. Lisou combines unexpected colours and creates vibrant prints to stand out and designs a range of womenswear and accessories.

Milky Plant

Nadina Grigoras & Michael Kalu

E-commerce brand Milky Plant designs, manufactures, and sells a device of the same name that customers can use to produce freshly made plant milk at home. Customers can create their choice of plant milk using ingredients such as oats, rice, and buckwheat. Milky Plant was founded by Nadina Grigoras and Michael Kalu in 2021. After Nadina was diagnosed with high cholesterol, she wanted to make healthy changes to her diet. She soon realised that store-bought plant-based milks tended to be made with saturated fat, additives, and preservatives and often came in packaging that cannot be recycled. Milky Plant sells reusable bottles for use with the machine, and the machines themselves are recyclable. Milky Plant appeals to environmentally conscious consumers, which continues to be a growing market.

Mother Root

Bethan Higson

Mother Root makes apple cider vinegar (ACV)-activated non-alcoholic aperitifs. Founded in 2018 by Bethan Higson, who has a decade of experience in the wine and luxury spirits industry, the London brand was inspired by her discovery of switchels—apple cider vinegar drinks—during her pregnancy. Over two years, Bethan crafted each flavour using winemaking techniques to replicate the depth and complexity she missed from alcoholic beverages. The company has won Great Taste awards and has landing listings with retailers and restaurants including Selfridges and London’s St John, as well as selling online via their website, and Amazon.

Ocean Bottle

Will Pearson & Nick Doman

Co-founded in London in 2018 by Will Pearson and Nick Doman, Ocean Bottle sells a range of reusable water bottles, cups and flasks and focuses on stopping ocean-bound plastic. Each Ocean Bottle funds the collection of 1000 plastic bottles in weight, with the company donating 15% of its revenue to achieve that goal. It has supported collection projects in Indonesia, the Philippines, India, Ghana, Kenya, Brazil, and Egypt. Collectors exchange plastic for money and get access to social resources such as healthcare, education and financial security. To date, the company has stopped the equivalent of 1 billion plastic bottles from reaching the ocean.

Salary Finance

Asesh Sarkar, Daniel Shakhani & Dan Cobley

Founded in 2015, Salary Finance is a financial services provider co-founded by Asesh Sarkar, Dan Cobley, the former Head of Google UK & Ireland, and Daniel Shakhani, a serial entrepreneur and financier with experience at Goldman Sachs, RBS, and with the Musk family. The company offers employment-linked financial services including savings linked to salary, earned wage access, loans and financial education. Salary Finance works with 20 million employees across more than 185,000 employers in the UK and US (FinFit with Salary Finance). Clients include the NHS, Tesla, Comcast, Humana and Disney. The company has raised over $100m to date, including backing from Legal & General, and has spearheaded a not for profit – Global Campaign for Financial Literacy.

Snappy Shopper

Scott Campbell, Michael Callachan & Alan Reid

Snappy Group provides software to brick and mortar retailers, like convenience stores, to take what they offer in store and sell it online. Founded by Founded by Alan Reid, Scott Campbell and Michael Callachan, Snappy Shopper spun off from Michael’s earlier idea of a restaurant food delivery app. Scott, a property solicitor, saw potential in using the app to boost business for convenience stores. This led to the pair launching the company, initially focusing on Dundee. Shortly after its launch, the pandemic created an increase in demand, leading to the company expanding its coverage nationwide. The company has now signed up 1,800 retailers and is transacting £140m annually across the platform, with revenues of £8.5m. The company has raised £20m in equity funding to further extend its reach across the UK.

Startup Logistics

Udhi Silva & Nick Coleman

Startup Logistics provides services including shipping, bulk storage, and website support to e-commerce brands. The company was founded by Udhi Silva and Nick Coleman, who previously founded online healthcare supplier Medical Supermarket in 2011 and snack company Snaffling Pig in 2013. As a result of their experience building Snaffling Pig, they understood what consumer brands needed from logistics support, so launched Startup Logistics in 2020. The Oxfordshire-based company specialises in serving businesses in the food and drink, makeup, and clothing sectors. The company reported sales of £1.7m in the year to April 2024, driven by the growth in early-stage e-commerce brands.


Mark Rushmore & Gyve Safavi

Founded in 2022 by Mark Rushmore and Gyve Safavi, SURI designs and sells a range of sustainable electric toothbrushes. Since its launch, the company has grown 5x year-on-year, has hit over £10m in revenue and has secured over 200,000 customers. To support this growth, SURI has raised equity investment from investors including JamJar, HambroPerks, V3 (part of Verlinvest) and dmg ventures. Other achievements include, expanding to a team of 18 people, achieving B Corp certification, and securing a retail partnership with Boots, as well as with Erewhon and Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop in the USA.

The Mothership

Titus Sharpe, Laurence Booth-Clibborn, Ben Fletcher & Alex Lynch

The Mothership acquires and partners with independent e-commerce brands selling on online marketplaces like Amazon, aiming to boost their reach. After acquisition, The Mothership provides marketing and branding expertise to help these businesses expand. Founded in 2021 by Titus Sharpe, Ben Fletcher, Alex Lynch, and Laurence Booth-Clibborn, the Surrey-based company leverages the founding team’s experience in acquiring businesses, marketing and investing to help founders grow their businesses. In 2022, The Mothership secured £16.7m in equity funding, which has been used to support additional acquisitions and expand its network of companies. This strategy has helped grow sales to £9.8m in the year to March 2024.

Tonic Health

Sunna Van Kampen

Founded in 2019 by Sunna Van Kampen, Tonic Health was born out of Sunna’s frustration with frequently catching colds due to nutrient deficiencies and his inability to find products designed with optimal doses of vitamins without additives. Tonic Health is focussed on helping customers be healthier, which means their products claim to have maximum strength vitamin doses, without any sugar or additives. The Tonic Health brand has grown through social media, featuring content where Sunna offers advice on healthy eating. The London-based company’s supplements are now available in retailers including Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Asda and Holland & Barrett helping Tonic Health grow 3x in 2023.


Lucas Yazdanfar & Niko Clarke

Tropez is an online fashion retailer selling a range of menswear, including tracksuits, t-shirts, and jackets. The Kent company was founded in 2020 by Lucas Yazdanfar and Niko Clarke. Growing up with limited financial resources, Lucas found it hard to dress fashionably, sometimes saving up to buy a single luxury item. The joy of owning these luxury items inspired him to launch Tropez, aiming to provide customers with the same sense of luxury at a more affordable price. Focusing on content marketing via Instagram and TikTok helped Tropez hit sales of £1.2m in the year to May 2024.


Helena & Simon Hills

Husband and wife team Helena and Simon Hills had the idea for TrueStart when they were training for a triathlon and discovered that the amount of caffeine in different coffee brands varies significantly. The pair set about creating the first ‘reliably caffeinated and clean’ coffee and launched their ‘hero’ product in 2015 – ‘Barista Grade Instant Coffee’. Since then TrueStart have expanded their range to include specialty grade fresh coffee, coffee bags and cold brew coffee. TrueStart are B Corp Certified, carbon negative and work with a number of charity partners both nationally and internationally to spread their social impact.

We Are Fulfilment

Trent Peek & Richard Ardis

We Are Fulfilment provides warehousing and fulfilment services for e-commerce businesses. The Nottingham-based company was co-founded in 2022 by serial entrepreneurs Trent Peek and Richard Ardis, who identified an opportunity after struggling to find a suitable fulfilment service for their own e-commerce ventures. We Are Fulfilment provides order packing, inventory tracking, and integration with e-commerce platforms such as Shopify, Amazon, and Etsy. In its first year, We Are Fulfilment partnered with over 60 ecommerce businesses, reaching full capacity at its first warehouse. In August 2023, the company secured £700k of equity investment from the Midlands Engine Investment Fund to open a second fulfilment centre to meet growing demand.


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The FEBE Growth 100® is a league table of Britain’s founder-led private companies with the fastest-growing sales. Companies are ranked by compound annual growth rate (CAGR) in sales over their latest two financial years.
Our entry criteria for 2024 were:

  • UK-registered, independent and unquoted companies
  • Founders remain involved in the business
  • Had sales between £3m and £200m in their latest financial year
  • Made an operating profit in their latest financial year
  • Did not show a decrease in sales from their penultimate to the latest year
  • Had annualised sales of more than £200,000 in the base year, and traded for at least 6 months in that year
  • Excluded companies include: pure property developers, financial trading companies, LLPs and companies with a turnover of £200m or more

Companies that do not meet these criteria are considered for our Watch List, which features finalists that are on a mission, achieving great things and deserve to be celebrated.

Data collection: Sources used include: Companies House, Beauhurst (a primary data supplier), news articles and other public sources. Some companies were self-nominated, some were nominated by their advisers, and others were identified through FEBE’s own research. Where accounts are not available at Companies House, FEBE has used financial data directly provided by the companies – this applies to half of the entrants on this year’s league table. The ranking does not claim to be complete, as most small companies file abbreviated accounts and choose not to make their sales figures public.

Disclaimer: The inclusion of any company within the league table, or within any of FEBE’s publications, articles or other content, is not an endorsement or recommendation whatsoever by FEBE or any of its partners or sponsors; nor is it an indication that they one of the best-run companies in the UK. The league table is based on historical data and is not an indicator of present or future performance. FEBE reserves the right to make exceptions to the qualification criteria in its absolute discretion.

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