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2023 FEBE GROWTH 100

FEBE: A club built for entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs

FEBE celebrates the greatest entrepreneurs in Britain, and we are delighted to launch the 2023 Growth 100 – our annual list and awards that shines a light on the finest and fastest-growing privately owned businesses in the country, where the founder or founders are still involved. This is the beating heart of our club that inspires, motivates and supports the very best entrepreneurs and their companies.

The essence of FEBE is entrepreneurs supporting entrepreneurs. We exist to inspire and champion our country’s best ‘dare-to-doers’. We know how important it is to celebrate our country’s founders and their businesses, and the Growth 100 does just that.



There are 4.2m private companies in the UK. Just 1% or 45,000 of these are considered to be ‘high growth’. But who are the 100 fastest growing?
FEBE is delighted to present the 100 fastest growing, founder-led, privately owned businesses in the UK. All listed companies are profitable and are turning over between £3m-£200m.

Rank Company Activity HQ Location Latest Financial Year End 2-year sales compound annual growth rate (CAGR) Latest sales £000s Latest team Founded View Profile
1 Au Vodka Vodka brand Swansea Apr 22 457.44% 43,860 34 2015
2 ISA Support Services Facilities management services Birmingham Dec 21 337.24% 74,574 403 2011
3 Creation Events management agency Central London Dec 22 326.64% †8,484 50 2017
4 3S Money Payment services provider Central London May 22 322.21% 10,654 150 2018
5 LS Productions Production company Edinburgh Dec 22 273.52% †19,902 48 2006
6 Power Sheds Garden building manufacturer Bradford Feb 22 268.81% †14,446 71 2019
7 Golf Travel Group Golf holiday operator Central London Dec 22 242.40% †12,300 21 2016
8 Passenger Outdoor clothing brand New Forest Dec 22 222.05% †18,555 65 2012
9 Bold Security Group Security services provider Essex Aug 22 183.59% †42,615 500 2011
10 Gift & Go Gifting technology platform Central London Dec 21 149.37% 14,577 21 2017
11 Once Upon a Time  Marketing agency Central London Apr 22 149.29% 50,110 210 2013
12 Cyclops Electronic component distributor  York Mar 22 125.12% 58,437 60 1990
13 LYMA Wellness products retailer Central London Dec 22 117.59% †23,200 24 2017
14 NumberMill Accountancy services Hemel Hempstead Mar 22 117.48% 63,201 23 2014
15 Pets Purest Pet supplement retailer Wilmslow Oct 22 111.94% †6,345 8 2017
16 Flightworx Aviation Flight support services Stansted Apr 22 111.71% 63,478 80 2008
17 Collecting Cars Online car auction platform Central London Dec 22 111.51% †8,500 90 2018
18 ACAI Outdoorwear fashion retailer Flintshire Feb 22 109.64% †4,698 20 2016
19 USP Steels Steel supplier West Midlands Dec 21 109.19% 95,740 41 2017
20 Vuba Resin manufacturer East Yorkshire Jun 22 105.87% 9,588 51 2009
21 Atlantic Pacific Group Logistics services provider Basildon Dec 22 103.96% †81,000 225 2000
22 The Skinny Food Co Healthy food manufacturer Nottingham Apr 22 103.54% †19,165 16 2018
23 Lounge Underwear Online lingerie retailer Solihull Jun 22 103.14% 71,349 160 2015
24 Tag Digital Digital marketing services Glasgow Mar 23 101.25% †8,100 35 2011
25 NMS Infrastructure Social infrastructure contractors Market Harborough Oct 22 100.35% †105,000 50 2006
26 Coombes Forestry services Hampshire Jan 22 99.78% 45,112 57 2002
27 Opencast Software Software developer Newcastle upon Tyne  Dec 22 99.73% †36,300 403 2012
28 Grantley Hall Luxury hotel operator North Yorkshire Mar 23 97.09% †18,274 359 2019
29 Longevity Partners Sustainability & climate advisors Central London Dec 22 95.57% †11,995 200 2015
30 Superior Wellness Hot tub & spa retailer Chesterfield Apr 22 94.51% †57,295 66 2011
31 Ethical Healthcare Project management & consultancy Leeds Apr 22 94.47% 3,263 13 2016
32 Dialectica Business information services Central London Dec 21 94.43% 34,695 164 2015
33 Cave Hotels Hotel & golf resort operator Kent Mar 22 93.70% 8,951 132 2018
34 North Property Group Real estate agency Leeds May 22 92.82% †5,462 36 2017
35 ME+EM Women's fashion retailer Central London Jan 23 91.87% †82,000 200 2009
36 Interpolitan Money Online alternative banking platform Central London Dec 22 90.82% 3,275 35 2012
37 Obsequio Safety compliance consultancy Leicester Dec 22 90.24% †14,962 180 2020
38 Powersystems Electrical engineering services Bristol Dec 21 86.58% 47,130 90 1977
39 Whalar Creator marketing company Central London Dec 22 85.56% †91,200 300 2016
40 Fairfax & Favor Footwear & accessories retailer Norfolk Feb 22 84.89% †28,884 33 2013
41 Fruugo Online retailer Cumbria Dec 22 83.22% 65,474 132 2012
42 Trustco IT advisory services Brighton Mar 22 82.08% 15,392 9 1998
43 AYBL Fashion brands Birmingham Mar 23 81.04% †29,905 64 2018
44 Love Cocoa Chocolate maker Central London May 22 80.64% †3,100 12 2016
45 Regent Group Educational services Northwest London Jul 22 80.11% 42,649 335 2000
46 UpSkill Digital Training agency Central London Mar 22 77.92% †5,102 55 2015
47 Hamilton Court Foreign exchange broker Central London Mar 23 73.89% †37,700 117 2011
48 Muc-Off Bike care & maintenance brand Poole Dec 21 72.51% 44,296 110 1994
49 Get Laid Beds Wooden bed manufacturer Leicester Mar 22 71.40% 17,092 99 2012
50 Cambridge Design Partnership Product design company Cambridge Mar 22 71.29% 52,446 262 1996
51 Vizion Vehicle repair services Hull Dec 21 70.03% 186,049 189 2009
52 Cleveland Containers Shipping container supplier Stockton-on-Tees Feb 22 68.97% 58,618 55 2011
53 Snag Tights Tights & hosiery retailer West Lothian Jul 22 68.33% †34,000 120 2018
54 Hawes & Curtis Fashion brand Central London Dec 22 68.17% †43,173 208 2001
55 Redpost Equestrian Equestrian products retailer Devon Dec 21 66.67% †7,468 45 1992
56 Rees Associates Kitchen designer Surrey Mar 23 66.55% †4,103 3 2008
57 Volanteus  Aircraft charter provider West Sussex Dec 21 66.10% 33,645 10 2016
58 Boss Cabins Cabin manufacturer Lincolnshire Mar 22 65.97% 39,421 200 2010
59 Solretail E-commerce fulfilment provider Northampton Mar 22 65.82% †7,898 36 2010
60 Journey Further Performance & brand agency Leeds Dec 22 64.88% †13,121 180 2017
61 Kubrick Data specialist consultancy Central London Jun 22 63.78% †50,189 913 2016
62 SBFM Facilities management services Leeds May 23 63.34% †60,000 2231 2013
63 CarMoney Car finance platform Motherwell Dec 21 62.04% 10,800 189 2014
64 A Collected Man Online watch marketplace Central London Mar 22 60.74% 22,866 17 2014
65 Sidekick Facilities management services Central London Jun 22 60.36% †8,100 313 2003
66 MRN Clinical trial services Milton Keynes Dec 21 60.34% 53,718 239 2006
67 LeMieux Equestrian products retailer Southampton Apr 22 59.69% 36,842 63 2003
68 Spabreaks Spa booking service Brighton Dec 22 58.87% †6,726 69 2007
69 Absolute Collagen Collagen supplement brand Birmingham Jun 22 58.16% †22,235 55 2017
70 Xalient IT services Leeds Dec 21 58.14% 26,279 185 2015
71 MV Commercial Industrial vehicle dealer Airdrie Jun 22 57.27% 88,148 286 1992
72 Hilton Garage Used car dealership Derby May 22 56.29% 120,814 111 1973
73 Hectic Lifestyles Health supplements manufacturer Kent Dec 21 56.18% †11,189 91 2008
74 grüum Skin & haircare brand Stockport Dec 22 55.28% †5,611 38 2016
75 Epos Now Electronic payment solutions Norwich May 22 55.17% 48,005 500 2011
75 Genpower Power equipment distributor Pembroke Mar 22 55.17% 32,564 120 2006
77 Billion Dollar Boy Influencer marketing agency Central London Apr 23 54.56% †26,568 42 2014
78 WeFlex Electric vehicle finance provider Central London Nov 22 54.51% †25,717 38 2015
79 Fashion UK Licensed clothing supplier Leicester Jul 22 54.18% †180,561 128 1999
80 MorphCostumes Fancy dress costume brand Edinburgh Nov 22 53.83% †33,000 43 2009
81 Astrid & Miyu Jewellery designer & retailer South London Dec 22 53.61% †20,700 233 2012
82 Maze Living Outdoor furniture retailer Suffolk Dec 21 53.59% 36,862 42 2009
83 Additional Lengths Hair extension brand Stockton-on-Tees Mar 23 52.40% †17,754 28 2003
84 McQueens Dairies Dairy delivery service Glasgow Jul 22 51.89% 81,004 1000 1995
85 Quail Digital Wireless headset manufacturer Central London Dec 21 51.85% 17,961 25 1995
86 Lucy & Yak Fashion retailer Brighton Jul 22 50.61% †22,682 105 2017
87 Finisterre Outdoor clothing brand Cornwall Dec 21 49.71% 17,131 133 2003
88 Bob & Berts Coffee shop chain Ballymena Jun 22 48.96% †17,751 484 2013
89 Origin Coffee Coffee roastery Cornwall Jan 23 48.91% †11,064 87 2004
90 London Stone Stone paving retailer Slough Dec 21 48.83% 33,433 130 2005
91 Muuto Consulting Business consulting services Central London Mar 23 48.00% †10,000 17 2009
92 ClearCycle Recommerce services Manchester Dec 22 47.95% †4,263 44 2016
93 Clarity Environmental Environmental compliance consultancy Brighton Dec 22 47.44% †72,100 29 2002
94 ResQ Contact centre services Hull Dec 21 47.19% 51,191 1668 2006
95 Ascensos Contact centre services Motherwell Dec 21 47.18% 64,881 2587 2013
96 Dear Frances Footwear designer West London Dec 22 46.71% †4,520 9 2016
97 KBF Enterprises Sports nutrition brands Manchester Jun 22 44.82% †18,372 62 2008
98 Tile Mountain Tile retailer Stoke-on-Trent Dec 21 44.74% 71,954 300 2013
99 urbanbubble Property management services Manchester Jun 22 43.86% 11,586 300 2008
100 Vanilla Underground Online merchandise retailer Tamworth May 22 43.74% †16,196 50 2010

† Figures supplied by company to FEBE

The Watch List

Our Watch List features 25 companies that are achieving amazing things and are truly worthy of celebration. They do not yet meet all of the Growth 100 criteria, for example, they may not be in profit, they may not be hitting £3m sales, or their growth rates may just have fallen short of the G100 but, they are on a mission, making great things happen and we are excited to share their stories.

Company Activity HQ Location Latest Financial Year End Latest sales £000s Latest team Founded View Profile
AppyWay Parking & traffic platform Central London Dec 22 †725 46 2013
Bird & Blend Tea Co. Tea manufacturer Brighton Apr 22 †6,515 145 2012
Cleo Personal finance app Central London Dec 22 †30,600 219 2015
Daniella Draper Jewellery designer Lincolnshire Aug 22 †5,509 40 2009
Furniturebox Furniture retailer  Wiltshire Jul 22 †15,938 64 2015
Get More Vits Vitamin products manufacturer Virtual Jan 23 †6,165 10 2013
GoGetters Food delivery service Essex Dec 22 †5,518 23 2016
GUAP Online magazine Central London Dec 22 †1,100 10 2015
iamproperty Property services Newcastle Oct 22 †55,100 500 2009
Jake & Nayns’ Street food brand Leicester Jun 22 †9,544 130 2017
MiTEQ Product tracking specialist Chippenham Dec 22 †2,800 10 2020
Net World Sports Online sports products retailer Wrexham Sep 22 †64,557 245 2009
Oddbox Food delivery subscription service Central London Jun 22 †32,175 89 2016
PerfectTed Energy drinks brand Central London Oct 22 †200 8 2021
Pitchup Holiday booking platform Central London Mar 22 †7,688 18 2009
Prsnt  Digital gifting platform Brighton Dec 22 ^ 6 2019
Redfits Brand retailer Hemel Hempstead Dec 22 †24,890 30 2016
Rem3dy Health Personalised nutrition manufacturer Birmingham Dec 22 †5,290 200 2019
The Cheeky Panda Bamboo hygiene products Central London Dec 22 †11,000 30 2016
The Fold Womenswear retailer Central London Jan 23 †16,148 64 2010
TOTM Period products brand Cardiff Dec 22 †2,500 20 2016
Umberto Giannini Haircare products manufacturer Birmingham Sep 22 †7,768 15 1998
Wild Soap & deodorant manufacturer Central London Dec 22 †26,000 50 2019
Wolf & Badger Fashion & home retailer Central London Dec 22 †29,950 115 2010
XR Games Games developer Leeds Dec 22 †3,024 100 2017

† Figures supplied by company to FEBE  |  ^ Pre-revenue

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Founder Stories

The 2023 Growth 100 Companies


Au Vodka

Charlie Morgan & Jackson Quinn

Celebrity endorsements from the likes of Ronaldinho, Floyd Mayweather, and Charlie Sloth have helped to boost sales at this Swansea-based vodka maker. Au Vodka was founded by Charlie Morgan and Jackson Quinn in 2015 and has since expanded its operations into Europe, with the company also planning to launch in the US. In addition to the company’s signature gold vodka bottles, Au Vodka has released additional products, including ice lollies and ready-to-drink cans. The company’s use of influencer marketing has helped fuelled its growth, with Au Vodka achieving a turnover of £43.9m in 2022.


ISA Support Services

Sunny Araf

Sunny Araf was a police officer before launching ISA Support Services in 2011 with his cousin Janed Karim. The Birmingham-based business provides personnel, including security guards, receptionists, and cleaning and maintenance staff, to clients spanning a range of sectors such as retail, healthcare and education. ISA Support Services significantly increased its turnover from £14.1m in 2020 to £74.6m in 2021. The company also has a charitable arm, the ISA Foundation, which supports vulnerable members of society. Projects have included working with food banks in Birmingham and providing refugee aid.



Tom Whittle & Tom Elkington

Creation was founded in 2017 by Tom Whittle and Tom Elkington, who met whilst working together on music festivals. They spotted a gap in the market to change the traditional event agency model by bringing typically outsourced services in house. The company, which manages over 1,000 projects per year, provides event design, fabrication, asset management and production services. Clients include LVMH, AB Inbev, Cinch, Live Nation, Red Bull, Bacardi Group, JD Sports, Heineken and Fever-Tree. The team has grown from four to over 60 employees across offices in London, Shrewsbury, Manchester, and Glasgow. The company is fully organically funded and has no debt, with turnover reaching £8.5m in 2022.


3S Money

Andrei Dikouchine, Eugene Dugaev & Ivan Zhiznevsky

3S Money is a fintech that supports overseas payments via its online platform. It was founded in 2018 by Eugene Dugaev, Andrei Dikouchine and Ivan Zhiznevsky after discovering how challenging it was to open overseas business bank accounts. 3S Money now facilitates import and export transactions in over 190 countries, providing access to over 65 currencies. In 2022, the company processed over $3bn in client payments. 3S Money has raised equity finance from backers including TMT Investments and Globacap. Sales hit £10.7m in 2022, driven by growth in its client base and geographic expansion.


LS Productions

Marie Owen

Chief executive Marie Owen founded LS Productions in 2006. Today, it is a global production partner to brands and production companies, providing location and production services from hubs in the UK and most recently Malta. LS Productions has access to over 9,000 locations and specialises in film and television, commercials, music videos, fashion, and sports campaigns. The company moved into original content with the launch of LS Films in 2022. Clients include: Aston Martin, Adidas, HBO, Netflix, and Ralph Lauren and they have worked on projects featuring A-list talent like Meryl Streep, Harry Styles, Cristiano Ronado, Chris Evans and Ed Sheeran.


Power Sheds

Jack Sutcliffe & Simon Hobson

Power Sheds manufactures and sells a range of sheds, cabins, and summerhouses. Co-founded by chief executive Jack Sutcliffe and director Simon Hobson in 2019, the Bradford-based company has grown from selling 15 sheds in its first month to more than 500 a week, reaching an annual turnover of £14.4m in 2022. Power Sheds partnered with the UK’s largest integrated timber and forestry company, BSW Group, last year as the company plans to expand its operations into the US and Europe.


Golf Travel Group

Patrick McCaghy

Golf Travel Group offers specialised golf-focused holiday packages to golf enthusiasts, with destinations in the UK and abroad. Founded in 2015 by Patrick McCaghy, the London-based company provides a range of packages, including golf travel cruises and luxury golf trips. Golf Travel Group encompasses multiple golf travel brands including: Golf Travel Centre, GolfTours.com, USA Golf Holidays and Chaka Travel. The company launched these new brands in early 2022, helping sales to reach £12.3m.



Richard & Alexa Sutcliffe

Headquartered in the New Forest, Passenger is an outdoor clothing brand founded by Richard and Alexa Sutcliffe in 2012. Whilst travelling the wilderness of British Columbia, they found their purpose and defined their mission, to ‘Inspire Meaningful Escapism’. For every order placed, Passenger plants a tree, which has resulted in 500,000 native trees in the ground to date. The company have also helped to protect 28m sqm of rainforest with charity partners, The Rainforest Trust and Trees For The Future. Over 90% of Passenger’s product range is made with lower impact materials like recycled cotton, recycled polyester, hemp and organic cotton. Sales hit £26.3m in 2022, up from £2.4m in 2020.


Bold Security Group

Badar Chaudhry

Bold Security provides security services at locations such as construction sites, offices and large national events. It also offers commercial cleaning and building maintenance. Since starting in 2011, it has grown to employ more than 230 people and works for clients ranging from small businesses to large corporates and public sector bodies. The company reported turnover of £42.6m in 2022, more than double the equivalent figure a year before. Founder and chief executive Badar Chaudhry is a seasoned entrepreneur who previously founded both a tech startup focused on improving worker productivity and well-being and a construction group.


Gift & Go

Joe Hall & Jon Reuben

Launched in 2017, Gift & Go has developed a software platform that allows organisations like Apple, Best Buy, and Uber to choose and send gifts to their employees and customers, with the aim of improving retention and loyalty. The London-based company, which allows clients to buy gifts via Amazon and other suppliers, was founded by Joe Hall and Jon Reuben, who serve as co-chief executives. Sales hit £14.6m in 2021, driven by an increase in companies seeking to reward employees and customers at a distance during the pandemic. In December 2022, Gift & Go received investment from Oakvale Ventures to support growth in the US.


Once Upon a Time 

Diane Charlton, Joe Garton & Rob Ward

Once Upon a Time is an advertising and branding agency based in London. Launched in 2013 by co-founders Diane Charlton, Joe Garton, and Rob Ward, the firm specialises in online and in-store brand promotion with clients including: Disney, Netflix, and Sony Music. Focusing on entertainment, sport, music and hospitality, their team works across marketing, branding and social media. The company has made a number of acquisitions of specialist agencies and in February 2019 it established its international presence with the acquisition of a New York, Las Vegas and LA-based business.



Daniel Yodaiken 

Cyclops Electronics is a specialist distributor of electronic parts and components. Since starting in 1990, it has provided access to rare items that can be difficult to find due to long lead times, obsolescence, or quality issues. Under the leadership of founder and managing director Daniel Yodaiken, Cyclops Electronics has expanded to operate from offices in the UK, Europe, North America, and Asia. Supply chain challenges and global shortages of electronics components driven by the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic have meant that its services have been in high demand, helping sales hit a record £58.4m in 2022.



Lucy Goff

LYMA was founded by Lucy Goff in 2018 when Lucy was inspired to build a luxury wellness brand after battling septicaemia. LYMA, now headquartered in London, claims that its supplement includes ten peer-reviewed, pharmaceutical grade and patented ingredients. LYMA has also more recently ventured into beauty tech with the LYMA Laser, a device made to fade scars and wrinkles. LYMA secured equity investment from Pembroke VCT.



Louise Rayner

Hemel Hempstead-based NumberMill provides specialised accountancy and consultancy services to recruitment businesses. Founder Louise Rayner launched the company in 2014 specifically to meet the commercial and compliance-related needs of workforce management businesses. Since then, NumberMill recorded turnover of £63.2m in 2022.


Pets Purest

Oliver & Evie Bristowe

Pets Purest offers pet owners a range of all-natural pet treats and care products. The business was founded with just £600 in 2017 by husband-and-wife team Oliver and Evie Bristowe, who tried to find pet products without chemicals and fillers. Headquartered in Cheshire, Pets Purest offers its products via online retail and wholesale stores. In 2021, the company secured its first round of equity funding from Fearless Adventures to support its continued its growth. In 2022, Pets Purest reached £6.3m in sales.


Flightworx Aviation

James Wiskin & Chris Anderson-Jones

Headquartered in Stansted, Flightworx Aviation offers bespoke flight support services to the aviation industry, including both passenger flights and cargo airlines. Since its launch in 2008 by Chris Anderson-Jones and James Wiskin, the firm has expanded its offering to include fuel sourcing and travel agency services. Last year, Flightworx Aviation also added Aviadox which supports the production and updating of aviation manuals. The rapidly-growing company reported a turnover of £63.5m in 2022, more than four times its turnover in 2021.


Collecting Cars

Edward Lovett

Starting with just three people, Collecting Cars now has a team of 90 across four continents. In less than four years, the company claims to be one of the leading global curated marketplaces for collectible cars, bikes and automobilia. Focusing on the experience of motor enthusiasts’ buying and selling, Collecting Cars has moved their auction experience entirely online, offering a free-to-list and free-to-sell service for collectors. The company has over 100,000 registered members, has sold 11,000 lots, and has generated more than £440m for its sellers; all contributing to the company generating revenues of £8.5m in 2022.



Kasia & Joe Bromley

ACAI Outdoorwear is a sports and outdoor clothing company headquartered in Flintshire, Wales. Having previously worked at Alexander McQueen, Kasia teamed up with her husband Joe, to launch ACAI in 2016. The company produces sportswear specifically designed for women that is both sustainable and long wearing – with all products undergoing an 18 month testing process. ACAI has doubled its revenue every year and has expanded its team from four to 25 over the last three years. Their future plans include diversification of their collection and international expansion.


USP Steels

Glyn Costigan

Dudley-based USP Steels is a steel sheet and plate supplier, providing its products to a range of sectors, including agriculture, construction and energy. The company was founded by Glyn Costigan in 2017 who noticed there was an opportunity for UK steel and has since partnered with some of the leading companies in the industry, helping them to hit turnover of £95.7m in 2021. Recently, USP Steels has experienced significant growth, dispatching record amounts of steel in consecutive months, shipping more than 14,500 tonnes in January and over 16,500 tonnes in February 2023.



Sean Scott

Established in 2009, this East Yorkshire-based company formulates and manufactures resin products, such as resin binding kits used on driveways and the patented Easihold, a pour-on binder for fixing gravel and stones in place. Founded by managing director Sean Scott in his garage after being made redundant, Vuba now supplies products to the trade and the public across the UK, Europe and North America. The company recently expanded into aggregate sourcing and manufacturing for driveway products. Vuba’s turnover increased by more than six times its 2019 figure – from £1.49m to £9.59m in 2022.


Atlantic Pacific Group

Ashley & Christine Nichols

Atlantic Pacific Group, founded by husband-and-wife team Ashley and Christine Nichols in 2000, provides global supply chain services. The first company in the group, Atlantic Pacific Global Logistics, is based in Basildon and offers services by land, sea and air to a range of sectors including food, energy and e-commerce fulfilment. The company has offices in the UK, Ireland and the US. Sales hit £81m in 2022 driven by the company’s acquisition of container transporter Port Express in 2021 and the regeneration of freight forwarding specialist Killick Martin & Company. The group also acquired Freedom Logistics in December 2021. Co-founder Christine is currently the first women to be ‘Lady Chairman’ of The London Freight Club in the clubs 70 year history.


The Skinny Food Co

Wayne Starkey & James Whiting

The Skinny Food Co sells a range of low-calorie products, including zero calorie syrups, low sugar spreads and snacks. The Nottingham-based company was co-founded by Wayne Starkey and James Whiting in 2018. The duo were inspired by diabetic family members, and wanted to create products for the benefit of their children, those living with medical conditions, food allergy sufferers and those seeking a healthier alternative to high sugar and calorie products. The company sells online through its website and via supermarkets such as Tesco, Asda, Holland & Barrett, and B&M, and has expanded its product range to include more than 330 products.


Lounge Underwear

Dan & Mel Marsden

Having launched Lounge Underwear from their front room in 2015, founders Dan and Melanie Marsden hit sales of £57.1m in 2022. Over the years, the company has expanded its product offering to include swimwear, nursing bras, and strapless bras. The company also opened a number of pop-up shops including Covent Garden in December 2022 and Manchester in February 2023, both of which have helped boost sales. The company is also expanding across Europe, North America and Australia. Lounge Underwear has recently worked with breast cancer campaigns to raise awareness and funds.


Tag Digital

Laura & Craig Davidson

Based in London, Tag Digital provides digital marketing services for events across a range of industries. Tag Digital supports event organisers with paid media and now works on the marketing campaigns of more than 2,000 events across more than 50 countries every year. Founded by Craig and Laura Davidson, Tag Digital attributes some of its recent success to its investment in automation, artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies. After facing challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic, the company has bounced back to hit turnover of £8.7m in 2023.


NMS Infrastructure

Frederik Hsu, Peter Marks, Louis Oliver, Nicholas Oliver & Adam Hatfield

NMS Infrastructure designs, builds, finances and delivers building projects across sub-Saharan Africa. Working in sectors such as clean water, healthcare, power and agriculture, NMSI has completed projects in countries including: Ghana, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Cote D’Ivoire. The company has built over 100 health facilities across Africa and is under contract to build a further 50 hospitals. NMSI has three UK and eight international offices, including one in Johannesburg that opened in March this year. Frederik Hsu, Peter Marks and Louis Oliver founded NMSI in 2006 and turnover hit £105m in 2022.



Shane & Jack Coombes

Founded in 2002 as a forestry business by brothers Jack and Shane Coombes (who give the company its name), Coombes branched out into vegetation clearance for the rail industry. Having worked with National Rail, the Petersfield-based firm was then awarded a contract to work on the HS2 project. Coombes offers a number of services for its clients such as: woodland creation, harvesting, biodiversity consultancy, and building management. In 2022, the company – still led by the Coombes brothers – had 57 employees, and a turnover of £45.1m, up from £11.3m in 2020.


Opencast Software

Mike O'Brien & Charlie Hoult

Technology consultancy Opencast Software launched in 2012 after its co-founders, Charlie Hoult and Mike O’Brien, met at the school gates attended by their respective twins. Hoult had previously founded a marketing communications company and O’Brien’s career had included time on the executive board at an IT consultancy, where he helped build the business from 10 to 800 people. Opencast Software, which offers a range of technology and digital consultancy services, is headquartered in Newcastle and has worked with clients including HMRC, Barclays, Betfair and Sage. Opencast now has more than 140 employees and has grown to achieve a turnover to £36.3m in 2022.


Grantley Hall

Tom, Richard, Will, Valeria & Emily Sykes

Grantley Hall is a luxury five-star hotel and wellness retreat on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales. It operates four restaurants, three bars, a gym, and a spa. The Sykes family acquired the property to establish a lasting heritage for the family and the historical building. The hotel is a member of the luxury hotel collections Relais & Chateaux and PoB (previously Pride of Britain) Hotels and was named ‘AA Hotel of the Year’ in England 2022-2023. The hotel’s reputation helped it to achieve sales totalling £18.2m in 2023.


Longevity Partners

Etienne Cadestin

Longevity Partners is a climate advisory firm founded in 2015 in London. The company supports corporate and real assets businesses to transition to a low carbon economy by achieving energy and resource efficiency targets, reducing their environmental impact, and future-proofing their businesses. Today, the company has more than 100 blue-chip clients and over 200 experts working from 10 offices across three continents. Founder and global chief executive, Etienne Cadestin, has over a decade of experience in sustainable property investment and strategy, having previously worked at Knight Frank and the United Nations Environment Programme.


Superior Wellness

Rob Carlin

This fast-growing hot tub supplier celebrated its twelfth anniversary this year. Founder and managing director Rob Carlin started selling hot tubs on eBay in 2011 and launched the firm’s flagship brand, Platinum Spas, in 2016. This Chesterfield-based company’s sales, boosted by the launch of new product ranges and international expansion, increased from £15.4m in 2020 to £57.2m in 2022. Superior Wellness now works with over 200 distribution partners across the UK, Europe and America and is set to expand into Australia and New Zealand.


Ethical Healthcare

Thomas Webb

Based in Leeds, Ethical Healthcare provides digital transformation consultancy services to healthcare organisations. The company was founded in 2016 by Thomas Webb, who had spent a decade working exclusively with and for the NHS. Ethical Healthcare works with NHS Trusts to support them with business case development, data strategy and procurement and commercial negotiations. Having partnered with large health organisations, such as NHS England, the company has seen its revenue hit £3.3m in 2022.



George Tsarouchas & Frederick Corkett

London-based Dialectica provides tailored analytics, insights, and tools to support business decision-making across sectors such as pharmaceuticals, drones, and healthcare. Founded in 2015 by chief executive George Tsarouchas and managing director Frederick Corkett, the firm has a global team spread across five locations in Montreal, Vancouver, New York, London, and Athens. Sales hit £35.3m in 2021, up 145% from the previous year. This was driven by its expansion in the Americas and its focused efforts to grow in the private equity sector.


Cave Hotels

James Tory & Johnathan Callister

This company operates a hotel and golf resort – Cave Hotel – in Boughton, near Canterbury, having reopened in 2019 following a major redevelopment. Owned by James Tory and Johnathan Callister, Cave features two restaurants, and a 6,591-yard golf course. The company boosted its turnover to £8.9m in 2022, driven by investment in hotel infrastructure – including a new booking system – and pent-up demand for tee times and accommodation after national lockdowns.


North Property Group

Oli Banks & Tim Coen

North Property Group is an independent property agency that specialises in sales, lettings, and property services. Founded by Oli Banks and Tim Coen in 2017, the company operates from its offices in Leeds and Manchester and offers its customers buy-to-live and buy-to-let opportunities across cities in the UK, including: London, Manchester, Leeds, and Brighton. Since 2019, the company has been headquartered at Brewery Wharf in Leeds city centre to house its growing team. It has sold more than 1,400 properties, helping sales hit £5.5m in its latest year.



Clare Hornby

Former advertising executive Clare Hornby founded ME+EM in 2009 with the aim of creating women’s clothing that is flattering, functional and timeless. The London-based fashion retailer sells its collection via its online shop and through boutique stores. The brand’s designs have been worn by celebrities including the Princess of Wales and Margot Robbie. Since its launch, the company has opened seven stores and three concessions in the UK, with US openings planned for later this year. In March 2022, ME+EM announced a £55m equity investment led by Highland Group to fuel its expansion into international markets.


Interpolitan Money

Rishi Patel

Headquartered in London, Interpolitan Money provides alternative banking solutions and an international multi-currency account platform for global transactions. The company has also grown its offering to include multi-currency accounts for private, corporate, non-resident, funds and institutional clients. Before founding Interpolitan, chief executive Rishi Patel worked in the City on foreign exchange transactions, before becoming part of the founding team for a travel card venture that they took to IPO. Interpolitan has expanded internationally, opening offices in Dubai and Mumbai. In 2022, the company states that it processed more than $1bn of transactions.



Simon Cashmore & Simon Abley

Based in Leicester, Obsequio Group provides compliance services to ensure the safety of spaces such as business parks, leisure centres, schools, country estates and housing estates. Launched in 2020 by co-founders Simon Cashmore and Simon Abley, the company has acquired six companies over the past two years, including APS Security & Fire in March 2023. Obsequio Group has been bolstered by investment from Beech Tree and acquisition facilities from Beechbrook, which will support its plan for continued growth through acquisitions.



Derek Earby

Bristol-based Powersystems specialises in the design and installation of high-voltage electrical infrastructure. Founded by Mike Wilsmore and Derek Earby in 1977, the company works across sectors including: renewable energy, electric vehicle charging, and power generation. To date, Powersystems has connected over six gigawatts of renewable technology and decarbonisation energy systems to the UK grid. Driven by an increase in the number of renewable energy schemes, particularly wind farms being built, Powersystems’ revenue grew to £47.1m in 2021.



Neil Waller & James Street

Whalar was founded in 2016 after serial entrepreneurs Neil Waller and James Street used social media to advertise their watch brand, Shore Projects. Whalar is a global creator commerce company that enables creators, brands, and the world’s leading social platforms to work better together to drive business growth. The company employs over 300 people operating across five continents. To date, the company has raised £4m in equity finance via three funding rounds, partnered with high-profile brands such as Google, Estee Lauder and Amazon, and acquired C-Talent, a disabled-led talent management and access consulting company.


Fairfax & Favor

Marcus Fairfax Fountaine & Felix Favor Parker

Fairfax & Favor sells high-end footwear, clothing and accessories that blend ‘town’ and ‘country’ styles. Co-founded by childhood friends Marcus Fairfax Fountaine and Felix Favor Parker, the Norfolk-based company was launched in 2013 with a £10,000 investment. The pair started out selling at country shows and they have since expanded the company’s retail presence to include an online store, five physical shops, and a network of UK and international stockists. Fairfax & Favor reached a turnover of £28.9m in 2022 and was featured in the FT 1000.



Dominic Allonby & Darren Naylor

Co-founders Dominic Allonby, and Darren Naylor of Cumbrian-based Fruugo aim to make international e-commerce more accessible by allowing customers to buy from hundreds of retailers worldwide in their own language and currency. The company sells over 100m different products including furniture, clothing and electronics. Fruugo has grown to employ more than 130 people and works with more than 3,000 retailers to generate orders for them from shoppers in 42 countries. A record year for retailer recruitment and product listings saw turnover hit £65.5m in 2022.



Karen Lawton

IT specialist Trustco has provided businesses across the UK with servers and computer hardware since 1998. Based in Brighton and Hove, the company specialises in creating and managing public and private cloud systems, helping companies to achieve scalable IT infrastructure and digital transformation consultancy services. Trustco, founded by Kevin and Karen Lawton, serves the public sector, including Crown Commercial Services, and the private sector, including finance, healthcare, and logistics companies. The company recorded a turnover of £15.4m in 2022, which the company attributes to its reputation and strong sales team.



Reiss & Kristian Edgerton

AYBL was founded in 2018 by brothers Reiss and Kristian Edgerton. The brothers initially converted their front room into a gym clothing warehouse to launch their business and have grown the business to reach sales of £29.9m in 2023. The company owns two fashion and sportswear brands, AYBL and Because of Alice. AYBL ships its clothing to over 160 countries globally and earlier this year the company moved to a new 56,600 sq.ft. facility allowing them to process 40,000 orders a day.


Love Cocoa

James Cadbury

Love Cocoa was created in 2016 by James Cadbury, who was inspired by his great-great-great grandfather John Cadbury who founded Cadbury Chocolate in 1824. Love Cocoa has an ethical and sustainable focus: its chocolate bars are free from gluten and palm oil and use recyclable and compostable packaging. The company has also partnered with Eden Reforestation Projects, planting a tree for each product sold. In addition to online sales, the chocolates are sold by retailers including Harrods, John Lewis, and Selfridges. Love Cocoa has raised £4.55m from four equity deals and now exports its range to eight countries.


Regent Group

Dr Selva Pankaj

Regent Group provides executive leadership courses and educational and tuition services. The company also owns and manages secondary schools and further and higher education colleges. Founder and chief executive, Selva Pankaj – a former accountant – set up the business in 2000 after taking on a private-tuition student. Based in Northwest London, the company now has interests in the UK, America, Canada, Dubai and India. Since launching, Regent Group has expanded into recruitment services, real estate and investment management. Sales hit £42.6m in 2022, boosted by a higher number of students registering directly with one of their colleges, Regent College London.


UpSkill Digital

Gori Yahaya

UpSkill Digital is a digital skills training agency catering for both businesses and individuals. Founded by Gori Yahaya in 2015, the company provides a wide range of training modules, such as digital marketing, Google Analytics, and social strategy. UpSkill Digital is also an alumnus of the Mayor’s International Business Programme, which aims to help businesses to expand globally. With more than 390 coaches across 34 countries, the company has a number of global clients including Expedia Group, Santander and Fujitsu.


Hamilton Court

Tony Keterman, David Kyte & Adam Musikant

Hamilton Court provides foreign exchange services through its subsidiaries Hamilton Court Foreign Exchange Limited (HCFX), Birchstone Markets, Goldhawk Partners and Italian subsidiaries of HCFX. Clients of the subsidiaries include both public and private entities – ranging from FTSE250 companies to private equity firms, and high-net-worth individuals in the UK, Europe and Canada. The London-based company was co-founded in 2011 by Tony Keterman, David Kyte and Adam Musikant and has recently restructured as Hamilton Court Group. Its success during the pandemic was accredited to investing in new talent and employee development. Sales hit a high of £37.7m in 2023.



Marilyn Trimnell

Muc-Off was founded in 1994 when Rex Trimnell, father of the current managing director Alex Trimnell, created an eco-friendly bike cleaning solution. Today, Poole-based Muc-Off produces and sells a range of bicycle and motorcycle care products across the globe, including cleaners, lubricants, and a bike-specific pressure washer. Muc-Off sponsors a number of world-class athletes, including the world cup winning downhill team, Commencal Muc-Off and the INEOS Grenadiers. Muc-Off has grown rapidly since the pandemic as more people have taken up cycling around the world. The company has recently targeted international expansion, which helped turnover hit £44.3m in 2021.


Get Laid Beds

Jonny Haskins & Jean Lombard 

Co-founders Jonathan Haskins and Jean Lombard met as students in Leicester, where the company is still based. Respectively an architect and designer by training, the pair started Get Laid Beds with a view to providing customers with personalised, customisable beds. Since its founding in 2012, the company has shipped products to 197 countries and territories worldwide. The company prides itself on its sustainable approach and says it has planted over 93,000 trees through its partnership with the International Tree Foundation.


Cambridge Design Partnership

Mike Beadman, Matt Schumann & Mike Cane

Matt Schumann, Mike Beadman, and Mike Cane co-founded Cambridge Design Partnership in 1996, setting out to work with clients to design and launch consumer products and medical devices. Today, the employee-owned company is a product design and development firm that provides initial concepts and prototyping through to manufacturing and market launch of new products. Its clients include the likes of Unilever, Speedo, the British Antarctic Survey, and Avon. The company opened a second office in the US and moved into a new, state-of-the-art facility in Cambridgeshire in 2022. Sales grew from £17.9m in 2020 to £52.4m in 2022.



Eamonn Dunne & Chris McKie

Vizion Network claims to be the UK’s largest vehicle repair network, with more than 900 participating sites across the UK. The Yorkshire-based company was founded by chairman Eamonn Dunne, managing director Chris McKie and the board in 2009. Its repairers cover all makes and types of vehicles and with a focus on using technology to enhance the customer experience. Vizion Network announced a turnover of £186m in 2021, driven by new service contracts for the company’s digital software and fintech products from insurance companies and vehicle manufacturers.


Cleveland Containers

Jane & Johnathan Bulmer

From its base in Stockton-on-Tees, Cleveland Containers sells and leases new and used shipping containers and provides a range of modular building units. It was founded by non-executive directors Jane and Jonathan Bulmer in 2011 and the company now operates out of 15 depots across the country and delivers approximately 400 containers each week to customers, including theme-parks, hotels, and other hospitality businesses. Last year, the company hit sales of £58.6m and delivered 16,799 containers.


Snag Tights

Brie Read

A wardrobe malfunction with ill-fitting tights that would not stay up inspired Brigitte Read to set up this hosiery business in 2018. Snag Tights is an e-commerce business centred around size-inclusive hosiery. The Edinburgh-based company prides itself in its carbon-neutral manufacturing process, use of vegan dyes, and product recycling schemes. The online retailer has diversified into leggings, T-shirts, skirts and swimwear and has more than 2m customers in 90 countries. Snag Tights has raised a total of £2.69m in equity investment, helping sales to reach £34m in 2022.


Hawes & Curtis

Touker Suleyman

Serial entrepreneur Touker Suleyman acquired Hawes & Curtis for £1 in 2001, when the company had just one loss making store. The Dragon’s Den star has since established Hawes & Curtis as we know it today, a global business with 13 stores across the UK and in Germany, with online sales in the UK, US, Europe and Australia. Hawes & Curtis has partnerships with Lords and the Jockey Club and is soon to become the official tailors for the English Cricket Team and the Welsh National Rugby Team. In addition, Touker owns retail brands: Ghost London, Finery London and Matchstick Monkey. He also owns manufacturing facilities in Europe where he sources products for his brands and supplies to Marks & Spencer.


Redpost Equestrian

John & Louise Tuff

Based in Devon, Redpost Equestrian is an equestrian retailer offering a range of horse-riding clothes and apparel, horse care products, and horse wear. The family-run business, founded by John and Louise Tuff, now directors, and headed by their son Ben Tuff with his wife Claire, originally started out selling horse feeds in 1992 as Redpost Feeds before officially launching as Redpost Equestrian in 2003. The company now employs more than 50 people and generated sales of £7.47m in 2021. In January 2023, the company won the Equestrian & Country Clothing Retailer of the Year award at the Lux Global Excellence Awards.


Rees Associates

Mark Rees

Rees Associates, led by founder Mark Rees, is focused on back of house design and build for the hospitality sector. The company works with globally recognised brands including Hakkasan, SUSHISAMBA and Novikov, delivering bespoke kitchen and bar designs. Mark and his team offer a turnkey package and take full accountability for all projects. The company was recently awarded ‘Best Hotel Restaurant in the World (2022)’ for designs at The Newt in Somerset. With a team of three people, Rees Associates achieved a £4.1m turnover in 2023.



Mark Green

Founded in 2016, Sussex-based Volanteus offers an aircraft charter and sales service. The company’s team works with a range of partners around the world to fulfil client requests for leisure, business and medical charter flights. Chief executive and founder Mark Green has worked in the private aviation industry for 25 years. Volanteus grew rapidly during the pandemic, initially by focusing on repatriation for global corporations and later by fulfilling demand from private jet users, including film, music and sport stars, and high net worth individuals and their pets. Sales hit £33.6m in 2021.


Boss Cabins

Duncan Wordsworth

Founded in 2010, Boss Cabins is a Lincolnshire-based company specialising in the design and manufacture of welfare cabins for the construction and infrastructure industries. With a focus on innovation and improvement in the welfare market, the company launched a sustainable range in 2020, Deep Green – a range of solar powered and carbon neutral cabins. Boss Cabins has recently created another more environmentally-friendly range of generator-free cabins, which are being used by a number of large contractors. Today, the company employs 200 people who helped it to achieve a turnover of £39.4m in 2022.



Barry & Katy Tong

Founded in 2010 by husband-and-wife team Barry and Katy Tong, Solretail provides e-commerce consultancy and distribution services to brands looking to maximise sales on Amazon and eBay. The Northampton company got started when the couple began selling unwanted household items online after the death of Barry’s grandmother before transitioning to become an official Amazon retailer. Solretail now partners with over 120 health and beauty brands and is recognised among Amazon’s Top 500 retailers. Sales hit £7.9m in 2022, supported by a team of 36 employees.


Journey Further

Robin Skidmore & Matt Kwiecinski

Founded in 2017 by group chief executive Robin Skidmore and UK chief executive Matt Kwiecinski, Journey Further is a brand and media agency that provides services to the likes of Liberty, Virgin Money, gohenry, Marks & Spencer, and Sky. Skidmore previously started and sold search agency Epiphany and acted as an investor and advisor for several years before founding Journey Further. The company, which offers services including creative strategy, media science and digital experience, now has more than 180 employees across offices in London, New York, Manchester, and Leeds – where it is headquartered. Journey Further has recently expanded into North America, with dedicated US chief executive Duncan Smith. This has contributed to turnover hitting £13.1m 2022.



Tim Smeaton & Simon Walker

Headquartered in London, Kubrick Group was launched to overcome the digital skills’ shortage by providing data consultancy services, which allowed enterprises to engage with outsourced data analysts, engineers, and consultants. The company was founded by chief executive Tim Smeaton and chief commercial officer Simon Walker in 2016. Since its inception, Kubrick has trained over 1,500 graduates and professionals across a wide spectrum of fields, specifically in artificial intelligence, data, and cloud technologies. Among its customers are notable brands such as: Nationwide, Procter & Gamble, and Deliveroo. The company achieved a turnover of £50.2m in 2022, a feat accomplished in tandem with its successful operational expansion to the US.



Colin Shute

Headquartered in Leeds, SBFM provides facilities management and commercial cleaning services. Founded by chief executive Colin Shute in 2013, the company has built a strong client base that includes global business brands and national high street retail chains, including PureGym and Maersk. SBFM’s offering ranges from contract and specialist cleaning services to professional security services and pest control. The company’s technology-driven approach to service improvements has supported its recent success and helped it to record a turnover of £30.4m in 2022.



Peter Vardy

Founded in 2014 by director Peter Vardy, known for his eponymous car dealership brand, CarMoney operates an internet platform that enables users to find and compare car finance deals. Based in North Lanarkshire, the company offers customers the opportunity to compare rates from key lenders, including: Alphera, Barclays, and Santander. Using its Car Finance Calculator, customers can also estimate payments for hire, purchase or personal contract agreements. CarMoney brokered more than £97m of car loans to customers in 2021, contributing to sales of £10.8m.


A Collected Man

Silas Walton

A Collected Man operates an online marketplace specialising in second-hand, high-end watches. The London-based platform, founded in 2014 by Silas Walton, focuses on buying and selling luxury timepieces. It caters to a growing community of collectors who are seeking rare mechanical timepieces. For instance, in one of the platform’s recent auctions, a Series 1 Roger Smith watch was sold for £660k. The company has also partnered with brands such as Baltic to create their own collector pieces.



Angela Vohmann

Sidekick offers facilities management and cleaning services to businesses. It was founded in 2003 by Angela Vohmann and her mother, Maureen Bidwell. Over the years, the company has experienced significant growth and currently employs more than 600 “sidekicks”. Sidekick now has a diverse array of clients, including large corporate brands and public institutions such as the NHS, River Island, and The Office Group, as well as small single-site workplaces. The company’s approach is centred around the concept of marginal gains theory—the idea that improving performance by small amounts across different areas leads to oversized impact.



Dr Graham Wylie & Stuart Redding

MRN is a clinical trial support organisation that focuses on supporting drug developers, health organisations, and investigators to speed up the drug development process. The company manages clinical trials at patients’ homes for customers including pharmaceutical and biotechnology firms. It delivers clinical trials in more than 50 countries and completes over 1,600 home trial visits a month. The Milton Keynes-based firm was founded by executive chairman Graham Wylie and chief executive Stuart Redding in 2006. To date, MRN has raised a total of £6.1m in equity finance and secured £643,000 in grants. It has also expanded its international presence into the US, Spain, Germany, and Japan.



Lisa & Robert Lemieux

Olympic event rider Robert Lemieux and his wife Lisa started selling supplements for horse health from their van in 2003. Since then, the LeMieux brand has become one of the fastest-growing British equestrian and lifestyle brands in Europe. In March 2021, LeMieux raised £20.8m in equity funding to support its international expansion and to grow its product range. It currently has distributors and retailers in Europe, Scandinavia, the US, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand. The Hampshire-based company continues to grow, hitting turnover of £36.8m in 2022, up 62% from the previous year.



Abi Selby

Founded in 2007, Spabreaks describes itself as the largest spa travel agency in Europe. The Brighton-based company employs more than 60 people and works with more than 500 spa destinations, offering both spa days and longer breaks in the UK and further afield. Before starting Spabreaks, founder Abi Selby established a PR firm that worked with clients in the hotel and travel industry. Spabreaks grew transactions from £10.4m in 2020 to £29.4m in 2022, driven by post COVID-19 demand for spa treatments, new marketing campaigns, investment in internal systems and a new customer website.


Absolute Collagen

Darcy & Maxine Laceby

Absolute Collagen started as a simple art project on Maxine and Darcy Laceby’s kitchen table and has since evolved into a family-run skincare business. Based in Birmingham, the company creates collagen supplements that aim to improve health and skincare. Since its launch in 2017, Absolute Collagen has developed a range of products, including antiageing liquid collagen that claims to combat visible signs of ageing. The company has secured private equity investment to further its growth, helping turnover to hit £22.2m in 2022.



Sherry Vaswani

Founded by entrepreneur Sherry Vaswani in 2015, Xalient provides IT consulting and managed services for clients such: as Kellogg’s, Avis Budget Group and WPP. Xalient generates about half of its revenues in America and provides services in over 50 countries. Its growth has been fuelled by increased demand for services including cyber security and networking to help enterprises with digital transformation. Sales hit £26.3m in 2021, and the company employs almost 200 employees across the UK, Asia, USA and Europe.


MV Commercial

Tom O’Rourke

MV Commercial Group supplies LGV and HGVs, including plant, crane and specialist construction trucks, and trailers. Founded by chief executive Tom O’Rourke, the group consists of MVCommercial, a specialist design-to-delivery vehicle supplier, offering build management, vehicle maintenance and finance, and Fruehauf, a specialist tipping and planked trailer builder. The MV Commercial Group has a hire fleet of over 1,800 units, and supplies trucks and trailers to customers nationwide, with depots in Livingston, Airdrie, Grantham, Oxford, St. Helen’s, and Luton. The group’s turnover in 2022 was £88.1m.


Hilton Garage

David Manning

Derbyshire-based Hilton Garage operates a used vehicle showroom and dealership. The company was founded in 1973 by David Manning, and after combining its two locations in 2003, Hilton Garage now runs one of the largest car supermarket sites in the UK. The family-run business has seen sales hit £121.8m in the  2022, more than doubling since 2020, when the company recorded a turnover of £49.5m. Managing director and owner Richard Manning now leads a team of more than 110 employees.


Hectic Lifestyles

Bal Sandher 

Hectic Lifestyles, trading as NutraDirect, manufactures sports and nutritional supplements. Founded in 2008 by managing director Bal Sandher, the company started out by selling supplements manufactured by other suppliers before launching their own contract manufacturing in 2015. Hectic Lifestyles’ product and service offerings now include: two-piece capsules, tablets, powders, and large-scale blending capacities. The company moved into a new 40,000 sq.ft. facility in 2020 and opened an additional 35,000 sq.ft. site in 2022, offering new manufacturing capabilities such as: vitamin gummies, plant-based meat, pet chews and chocolates. Sales hit £11.2m in 2021.



Simon Leonard, Andy Shaw, Beth Sleigh & George Lagonikas

grüum is a skin and haircare brand that focuses on creating environmentally friendly, affordable products. Founded in 2016 by friends Simon Leonard, Andrew Shaw, Beth Sleigh and George Lagonikas, the company is committed to producing unisex products in recyclable packaging. grüum’s products include moisturisers, shampoo bars and soaps and they claim to offer the first and only razor cartridge recycling scheme. Headquartered in Stockport, grüum saw sales hit £5.6m in 2022. The company has recently expanded its portfolio by acquiring Rowdy Kind, a sustainable children’s bathtime brand.


Epos Now

Jacyn Heavens

Epos Now provides electronic payment and point of sale (POS) systems. With a range of software, hardware, and hands-free installation services, it caters to businesses in the retail and hospitality sectors. Founded in 2011 by chief executive Jacyn Heavens, the company emerged from Jacyn’s frustrations when trying to find a reliable and user-friendly till system for his business. Epos Now works across 74 countries and serves over 65,000 customers worldwide, with offices in the UK, the US, and Australia. The company saw sales hit £48m in 2022.



Roland & Lisa Llewellin

Genpower operates as a global importer and distributor of JCB tools and Hyundai power products. Founded in 2006 by husband and wife team, Lisa and Roland Llewellin, they now have a team of over 120 people. The company is based in Pembrokeshire, Wales and specialises in a wide range of equipment, from garden machinery to power tools and pressure washers. Since its launch, the company has opened three distribution centres and expanded its catalogue to include over 350 product lines across its brands.


Billion Dollar Boy

Ed East, Permele Doyle & Thomas Walters

Billion Dollar Boy is an influencer marketing agency based in London that supports marketing campaigns around the world. The company specialises in connecting content creators with global brands to create advertising campaigns. Founded in 2014 by Ed East, Permele Doyle, and Thomas Walters, Billion Dollar Boy offers a range of services, including: global data and insights, strategy, creative production, paid media, and campaign management. Since its establishment, the company has partnered with brands such as Airbnb, Amazon and L’Oreal.



Nicko Wiliamson

WeFlex provides flexible electric vehicle financing to ride-hailing drivers. The company focuses on rent-to-buy plans where customers can pay towards owning their own electric vehicle, along with additional services such as insurance and vehicle servicing. Founded in 2015 by chief executive Nicko Williamson, WeFlex currently operates across both London and Birmingham. The company is focusing on London-based drivers to support Uber’s pledge to transition all of its vehicles in the city to 100% electric by 2025. WeFlex has secured over £45m in financing to date, and achieved sales of £25.7m in 2022.


Fashion UK

Gurdev Mattu

Leicester-based Fashion UK supplies licensed apparel and accessories to retailers. The business was founded in 1999 by managing director Gurdev Mattu and now licenses products on behalf of some of the largest brands in the world, including Playstation, Nintendo, Netflix, and Disney. It has a comprehensive portfolio of global brands covering babywear to adult fashion across a range of categories, from daywear to accessories. Fashion UK achieved sales figures of £181m in the year to July 2022, up from £75m in 2020.



Gregor Lawson, Fraser & Ali Smeaton

MorphCostumes is an online fancy dress costume retailer founded in 2009 by brothers Ali and Fraser Smeaton and their flatmate Gregor Lawson. The company started as a small online business selling full-body skintight costumes – commonly referred to as Morphsuits, after the founders noticed their popularity at a stag do. In 2014, the Edinburgh-based company rebranded to MorphCostumes and expanded its product line to include traditional fancy dress costumes for men, women, and children. Throughout its journey, the company has secured a total of £4.2m in equity investment and it acquired fancy dress manufacturer Fun Shack in 2019.


Astrid & Miyu

Connie Nam

Former investment banker Connie Nam founded this jewellery brand from her Notting Hill flat in 2012. The Seoul-born entrepreneur spent £500 on a website to launch Astrid & Miyu, named after Swedish and Japanese words for ‘beautiful’. Astrid & Miyu has 17 stores in the UK and opened their first US store in New York in June last year. The brand’s celebrity fans include Georgia May Jagger, Pippa Middleton and Rochelle Humes.


Maze Living

Francoise & Edward Babington

Maze is a retailer of outdoor furniture and accessories. Established in 2009 and headquartered in Suffolk, the company offers a wide range of products designed for outdoor spaces, including rattan, aluminium, and rope weave furniture collections, as well as weatherproof fabrics and outdoor living accessories. Founded by Francoise & Edward Babington, the company recorded a turnover of £36.9m in 2021 supported by the launch of the company’s new website.


Additional Lengths

Victoria Lynch

Based in Stockton-on-Tees, Additional Lengths is a manufacturer and retailer of hair extensions and haircare products. Founded in 2003 by managing director Victoria Lynch, the company not only manufactures and distributes its own line of hair extensions, but also operates a salon specialising in hair extensions and hair replacement solutions for individuals experiencing hair loss. In recent years, Additional Lengths has experienced significant growth, generating sales of £17.8m in 2023. The company also secured an investment from Growth Partner in December 2022, which it plans to use to launch new products and expand internationally.


McQueens Dairies

Mick & Meg McQueen

McQueens Dairies is a family-run business offering home delivery of fresh juice and dairy products to its customers in selected areas across the UK. The company was founded in 1995 by husband and wife Mick and Meg McQueen with the aim of reviving the tradition of doorstep milk delivery. Based in Glasgow, McQueens sources its milk directly from local family farms and delivers the products in the early hours of the morning. Furthermore, the company prides itself on supporting local communities through the Nursery Milk Scheme, which delivers free milk to nurseries nationwide. With a workforce of over 1,000 people, and 16 depots nationwide, McQueens recorded a turnover of £81m in 2022.


Quail Digital

Tom Downes

Quail Digital manufactures wireless headset systems for team communication in the retail, healthcare and quick service restaurant sectors. The London-based company was founded by chief executive Tom Downes in 1995 and has established a presence in the US, the UK, EMEA and Asia. Quail Digital sells to a global client base of supermarkets, retail stores, drive thru restaurant brands and hospitals, supporting sales of £18m in 2021, up from £7.8m in 2019. Quail Digital design and manufacture their systems in the UK and sells directly to global customers and through regional specialist resellers. Quail Digital was a recipient of The King’s Award for Enterprise in 2023.


Lucy & Yak

Chris Renwick & Lucy Greenwood

Lucy & Yak is a fashion brand that specialises in dungarees. The Brighton and Hove-based company was co-founded in 2017 by creative director Lucy Greenwood and chief executive Chris Renwick, who started out selling handmade and vintage clothing. Lucy & Yak’s product range is exclusively made from organic, recycled, and sustainable fabrics. Since its launch, the conscious fashion brand has expanded with the opening of five stores across the UK, located in Brighton, Bristol, Norwich, Nottingham, and Cambridge. Lucy & Yak now employs a team of more than 100 people who have been trialling a 30 hour work week in the UK for the last 2 years. In 2022 the company hit sales of £22.7m.



Tom Kay

In 2003, Tom Kay founded Finisterre above a surf shop in St. Agnes with a belief in making products in a more sustainable way. Starting with a waterproof fleece for cold water surfers, the company now designs and sells outdoor wear for people who love the sea, focusing on functionality, durability, and style. Cornwall-based Finisterre was the first European outdoor clothing brand to become B Corp certified in 2018 and now sells globally from its website along with 10 stores across the UK. The company has raised a total of £8.5m from two equity crowd funding rounds in 2019 and 2022.


Bob & Berts

Colin McClean

Bob & Berts is a Northern Ireland-based chain of independent coffee shops. It was founded in 2013 by Colin McClean. Since launching its first store in Portstewart in 2013, the company has expanded its network, opening 25 shops across Northern Ireland, England, and Scotland. Bob & Berts serves coffee, milkshakes and smoothies as well as fresh food cooked on-site to order. The company has grown rapidly since raising £2m in equity finance; expanding its workforce to over 400 employees and generating a turnover of £17.8m in 2022.


Origin Coffee

Tom Sobey

Origin is an independent speciality coffee roaster that works with hotels, restaurants and coffee shops across the UK and Europe. Headquartered in Cornwall, the company was founded in 2004 by Tom Sobey. Origin sources and roasts speciality-grade coffee which it sells to wholesale, direct to consumer and at its own cafes. The company places a strong emphasis on sustainability and, in 2022, it won the Queen’s Award for Sustainable Development. Origin’s other significant milestones include, receiving B Corp certification and signing a three-year deal to become The Hoxton’s exclusive coffee supplier across its eight European boutique hotels.


London Stone

Gavin, Steven & Duncan Walley

London Stone, headquartered in Slough, is a supplier of natural stone and porcelain paving products to customers throughout the UK. Their products include paving, decking, pergolas and other accessories available for purchase online. Established in 2005 by Gavin, Steven and Duncan Walley, three brothers with backgrounds in landscaping, the company has expanded its footprint to include showrooms across the UK, northern and southern distribution centres, and a team of over 130 people. As of March 2023, London Stone was certified as carbon neutral, which was achieved through a combination of the company’s continuous improvements and carbon offsetting efforts.



Muuto Consulting

Chris Tomlinson

Muuto is a consultancy business based in London. It was founded in 2009 by former Royal Navy warfare officer – now managing director – Chris Tomlinson. The company works with businesses on transformation projects, M&A integration and digital change. Muuto Consulting has a range of international clients across various sectors, including energy, medicine, and financial services, with high-profile customers such as HSBC, Shell, and LivaNova. Sales grew to £6.2m in 2022.



Richard O’Connor 

Founded in 2016 by chief executive Richard O’Connor, ClearCycle provides recommerce and circular economy services for retailers. The company’s platform uses market data to increase financial yield on returns and overstocks, maximising the lifecycle of retail goods. The Manchester-based company employs more than 40 people and processes and refurbishes items in all categories, including technology, furniture and small electricals. ClearCycle has worked with brands such as Oak Furnitureland and Heal’s, with their sales reaching £4.2m in 2022.


Clarity Environmental

David Honcoop

Founded in 2002 by managing director, David Honcoop, Clarity Environmental provides waste management and consultancy services to help businesses to comply with UK environmental and recycling regulations. Based in Brighton and Hove, the company is focused on offering solutions which drive ethical and sustainable practices in the industry as well as reducing the environmental impact of packaging. With services including scrap batteries exports for recycling, packaging recovery note trading, data services, packaging schemes and waste from electronic equipment compliance schemes, Clarity Environmental recorded a turnover of £72.1m in 2022, up from £33.2m in 2020.



Gill Marchbank & Nic & Matt Marshall

Based in Hull, ResQ offers outsourced telephone contact centre support services. The company provides communication outsourcing services, including sales and customer service support to businesses. It was founded in 2006 by chief executive Gill Marchbank, chairman Nic Marshall and chief commercial officer Matt Marshall and has grown from just 10 agents to employing over 1,500 people operating across three offices in Yorkshire. In September 2022, ResQ expanded its partnership with British Gas, creating 200 new jobs in Hull. The company has seen its turnover rise to £51.2m in 2021, thanks to increased demand from its existing clients.



Dermot Jenkinson & John Devlin

Ascensos provides outsourced customer support services for a range of consumer-focused brands, including KFC and Aldi. The North Lanarkshire-based company was co-founded by Dermot Jenkinson and John Devlin in 2013. To date, Ascensos has raised £12.3m in equity finance and expanded its operations to Romania, Turkey, and South Africa. The company has also taken a significant equity stake in Cape Town-based Digital Tribe to further enhance its digital and artificial intelligence customer experience propositions. Sales hit £64.9m in 2021 – a 62.7% increase from the previous year.


Dear Frances

Jane Frances & Scott O’Connor

Dear Frances is a London-based company that designs women’s footwear. Founded in 2016 by Scott O’Connor and Jane Frances, Dear Frances focuses on creating modern designs with a commitment to sustainability and social consciousness. The brand collaborates with artisan shoemakers in Italy, using sustainable materials and processes to deliver luxury designs to its customers. Dear Frances has been featured in high-fashion publications such as Vogue and the company’s designs have been worn by celebrities including Margot Robbie and Zoe Kravitz. Since its establishment, the company has raised £2.5m across three equity deals.


KBF Enterprises

Kieran Fisher

KBF Enterprises, founded by Kieran Fisher, develops sports nutrition products such as protein bars and flapjacks. The company owns several brands including Warrior and Bodybuilding Warehouse, and sells products at retailers including ASDA, B&M and Amazon. KBF’s brands are now available in 6 continents and in over 25 countries such as Singapore, Canada and Taiwan. Having recently secured a £750,000 investment from the Northern Powerhouse Investment Fund, the company’s recent growth can be attributed to diversifying their product range and international expansion. Future plans for the company include launching in new countries, acquiring new retailer partners in the UK and expanding their factory space in Manchester to support increasing demand.


Tile Mountain

Mo Iqubal, Nick Ounstead & Jeremy Harris

Tile Mountain was founded in 2013 by Mo Iqbal along with fellow former Topps Tiles directors Jeremy Harris and Nick Ounstead. The group, which compromises Tile Mountain, Bathroom Mountain and Walls & Floors, sells a range of tiles, flooring and bathrooms. The company, which employs more than 300 people, opened four additional showrooms in 2022 taking their total to three warehouses and nine showrooms. Tile Mountain’s expansion can be attributed to a mix of organic growth and the acquisition of online bathroom retailer Eurorad Limited.



Michael Howard

Founded by Michael Howard in 2008, urbanbubble has grown from providing block and estate management to operating large rental communities for institutional investors including Legal & General. Since its launch, the Manchester based company has expanded its national presence, providing build to rent schemes across London, Bath, Birmingham and Leeds. Supported by the efforts of over 300 employees, sales turnover hit £11.6m in 2022.


Vanilla Underground

Jason & Deniz Yarnell

Founded in 2010 by husband-and-wife team Jason and Deniz Yarnell, Vanilla Underground sells officially licensed clothes and accessories to fans of popular TV shows, films and games. Its wide range of merchandise includes Harry Potter pyjamas, Game of Thrones T-shirts and Minecraft hoodies. The Tamworth-based company has customers in more than 190 countries and sells via its own website, eBay and Amazon. Sales rose to £16.2m in 2022.

Founder Stories

The 2023 Watch List


Dan Hubert

After experiencing the frustration of poor parking experiences, Dan Hubert launched AppyWay in 2013. His vision was to build a platform that would standardise, and centralise a digital version of the kerb. AppyWay’s platform aims to enable cities and fleets to optimise their operations and transition to net zero by offering UK-wide kerbside maps, occupancy data, and payment solutions. AppyWay now claims to be the most advanced kerbside platform, and works with global brands to help cities to decarbonise.

Bird & Blend Tea Co.

Mike Turner & Krisi Smith

Bird & Blend Tea Co., is an independent tea company co-founded in 2012 by Mike Turner and Krisi Smith – two university friends who started packing tea in their bedrooms to sell at markets. Since then, the company has become a tea mixology company operating 14 retail stores across the UK and shipping internationally via its online website. The company has raised £1.3m in equity deals, via two major funding rounds including a £990k contribution from Crowdcube in September 2021.


Barnaby Hussey-Yeo

Cleo is a personal financial assistant and budgeting app. The company was founded in 2015 by Barnaby Hussey-Yeo with the aim to improve people’s financial health. Based in Shoreditch, Cleo provides insights into spending patterns, budgets, and bills based on a user’s spending history. The company has a team of over 200 people and they have successfully helped over 5m customers from the UK, US, and Canada seeking to streamline their financial management. Cleo recently closed a $80m Series C funding round led by Sofina and achieved a turnover of £30.6m in the year to December 2022.

Daniella Draper

Daniella & Della Draper

Founded in 2009 by Daniella Draper, the eponymous brand designs luxury jewellery for both men and women. With a degree in jewellery design from Central St. Martins, Daniella returned to Lincolnshire to launch her own brand. Operating as an independent family-run business, Daniella Draper operates six standalone stores across the UK, located in: Cleethorpes, Lincoln, Beverley, Grimsby, Windemere, and London. The brand prides itself on sustainability, with all the jewellery manufactured in the UK using recycled silver or gold. The company’s sustainable working practices have been accredited by Positive Luxury, allowing the brand to display the Butterfly Mark.


Monty George & Dan Beckles

Wiltshire-based, Furniturebox is an e-commerce company selling furniture for homes, gardens and offices. The company was founded in 2015 by Managing Director, Monty George and Director Dan Beckles, when they were both 17 years old. It has grown significantly in recent years, generating a turnover of £15.9m in 2022. The company moved to a brand-new warehouse in Chippenham in 2022 and now stocks its products in B&Q, The Range, Amazon and Robert Dyas. It has also recently expanded into US markets, selling on Wayfair’s website in the USA.

Get More Vits

Steve Norris & Chris Arrigoni 

Get More Vits offers a range of vitamin-infused products, including water, sports drinks, tablets, sprays, and chewing gum. Founded in 2013, co-founders Steve Norris and Chris Arrigoni first launched their products into Tesco stores across the UK. Listings have since grown with products now stocked in a range of supermarkets and retailers. The company also has a global presence with products on sale in countries throughout Europe, the Middle East and the US. 50m units have been sold since launch and the company has also planted nearly 2,000 trees since 2021 as part of a drive to offset its carbon emissions. Sales in the latest 12 months’ trading were £6.2m.


Owen Barrow & Lee Nicolaou

Harlow-based GoGetters have developed a mobile app that offers customers an on-demand food delivery service. Founded in 2016 by Owen Barrow and Hercules Nicolaou, the company prides itself on its emphasis on working with local drivers and businesses; with a particular focus on its work with local independent restaurants. GoGetters has seen orders quadruple since 2019, reaching more than 80,000 customers across Hertfordshire, Essex, and Bedfordshire. It has secured a total of £652k in equity investment, including a £350k deal in July 2022.


Ibrahim Kamara & Jide Adetunji 

GUAP is a digital media company co-founded in 2015 by University of Kent graduates and long-time friends Jide Adetunji and Ibrahim Kamara. The London-based company operates a digital video magazine dedicated to discovering and nurturing emerging creators in music, fashion, the arts, and business. Since its inception, GUAP has expanded its headcount from two employees in 2019 to 28 today. Its focus on nurturing young and growing talent has led the digital magazine to collaborate with high-profile brands such as Nike, TikTok, Coca Cola, and Adidas.


Jamie Cooke & Ben Ridgway

Newcastle-based iamproperty provides a range of solutions to businesses in the property sector. These include: iamsold property auctioning services, movebutler end-to-end client onboarding, conveyancing services, and sales and lettings CRM, with client accounting. Founded by managing directors James Cooke and Ben Ridgway in 2009, the company now works with over 6,000 estate agency branches across the UK. In September, the group acquired SDL Auction Partners’ division to help grow its offering and customer base for outsourced auction services.

Jake & Nayns’

Naynesh & Jake Karia

Based in Leicester, Food Attraction makes ‘street food to go’, packaged for retail in their own brand, Jake & Nayns’. The company’s flagship product the Naanster, a filled naan bread along with burritos and samosas, sell in retail stores including Tesco, Sainsburys, Asda, Boots and Coop as well as major airlines, railways and stadiums. The company was founded by Jake Karia with his wife, Neeyantee, with Jake’s brother Naynesh soon joining to help drive the brand forward. Jake and Nayns’ now plan to launch a ‘Hot Food To Go’ range in retail stores and forecourts.


Alex Whiting

Founded by managing director Alex Whiting in 2020, MiTEQ enables businesses to manage and track their assets and inventory using radio frequency identification (RFID) technology. MiTEQ focus on solutions that are intended to improve operational efficiency and reduce losses through the tracking of assets and inventory across multiple industries. MiTEQ works with medium to large-scale enterprises, including global retail, pharmaceutical, warehouse and logistics companies, to help them manage the whereabouts of their mobile devices, workers and assets. The Wiltshire-headquartered company recorded sales of £2.8m in 2022.

Net World Sports

Alex Lovén MBE

Founded in 2009 by Alex Lovén, Net World Sports is an online retailer based in Wrexham, specialising in sporting goods. The company has a large product range which caters to over 30 sports, from football, cricket, and tennis, to golf, hockey, and lacrosse. In 2022, Net World Sports achieved sales of £64.6m by selling to customers in over 180 countries via its 40 international websites. Net World Sports recently unveiled its new £25m, 411,000 sq.ft. head office that includes a restaurant, football pitch and tennis court.


Emilie Vanpoperinghe & Deepak Ravindran

Oddbox is a sustainable fruit and veg box which tackles food waste by rescuing ‘odd’ shaped and surplus fresh fruit and veg. A supply-led model, Oddbox partners with growers throughout the UK to box up and deliver ‘too odd’ or ‘too many’ produce to customers across the UK. Co-founded in 2016 by Emilie Vanpoperinghe and Deepak Ravindran the company has raised a total of £20m in equity. Since its inception, the company has distributed over 6m boxes, rescuing a combined 35,000 tonnes of fresh fruit and veg.


Marisa Poster, Teddie & Levi Levenfiche

PerfectTed is a London-based company behind Europe’s first matcha-powered energy drinks. It was co-founded by Marisa Poster and brothers Teddie and Levi Levenfiche in April 2021. Its drinks are currently stocked at over 3,000 locations in retailers such as Tesco, Holland & Barrett, and Planet Organic. The company are also the exclusive matcha partner to cafe chains including Joe & The Juice and Blank Street. Having received offers from all 5 Dragons during their appearance on BBC’s Dragons’ Den, the three founders accepted a £50k offer from Dragons, Steven Bartlett and Peter Jones. They hit £200k sales in their first year, with £5m projected for the second year of trading.


Daniel Yates

London-based Pitchup operates an online booking platform for campsites and holiday parks around the world. Founder and managing director Daniel Yates launched the company in 2009, and they now feature over 4,000 sites in the UK, Europe, and the Americas. Beyond facilitating bookings, Pitchup also provides information about destinations, including bike paths, walking trails, nearby pubs, and community events. The company has seen continued growth following the pandemic, generating a turnover of £7.7m in 2022.


Omid Moallemi & David Parr

Founded by Omid Moallemi and David Parr, Prsnt is a social gifting app, allowing users to send gifts via a mobile phone. The app sends reminders of birthdays and other key events and suggests gifts from over 100 high street brands, which can then be sent using the app. This Brighton-based business launched in 2019 and now provides a selection of gifts available from retailers including: Harvey Nichols, John Lewis and Costa. Prsnt has received 40,000 downloads, has sent over 54,000 gifts and reached number 13 in Apple’s App Store in May 2023.


Motty Vogel & Osh Raskin

Redfits is a global brand retailer with over 1000 products across their portfolio specialising in toys, homeware, and consumer lifestyle products. The company’s brand portfolio includes Twiddlers, a line of educational toys and gifts catering to children of all ages, and häago, a brand specialising in sustainable outdoor products crafted from natural ingredients. Founded in 2016, the company is headquartered in Hemel Hempstead with a team of 35 and has a global presence across 18 countries. Redfits hit £24.9m in revenue in 2022 and is on target to hit £30m in 2023.

Rem3dy Health

Melissa Snover

Rem3dy Health creates personalised solutions across preventative and curative health under two brands Nourished (personalised nutrition) and Scripted (personalised medicine). Nourished, which was recently awarded the King’s Award for Enterprise in the Innovation Category, has developed a customised nutrient gummy. Utilising patented 3D printing technology and a vegan encapsulation formula, both of which were developed in house, Nourished creates on demand super-nutrient gummies, bespoke to the consumers’ goals and lifestyle. To date, Rem3dy has raised £15m in equity finance and has collaborated with businesses including Neutrogena and Colgate. The company is now planning to expand its offering into Europe and Japan, and will be releasing new product ranges in the UK and USA.

The Cheeky Panda

Julie Chen & Christoper Forbes

The Cheeky Panda produces sustainable hygiene products from bamboo – the world’s fastest growing plant. The company was founded in 2016 by chief executive Julie Chen and partner Chris Forbes following a trip to Southeast Asia where they saw large quantities of bamboo going to waste. The company has achieved B Corp status, invests back into protecting rainforests and works with The World Land Trust to offset its carbon emissions each year. Fuelled by £10m in funding, The Cheeky Panda has seen significant growth in recent years, , generating a turnover of £11m in 2022.

The Fold

Polly McMaster

The Fold is a women’s workwear clothing label. Founded 10 years ago by founder and chief executive Polly McMaster, The Fold has curated a stylish work-appropriate collection that can be found online and at the company’s Chelsea flagship store. The Fold’s fabrics are sourced from European mills, including: wools, silks, and jerseys. Notably, the company launched ‘The Fold Woman’ community to empower female business professionals and to foster networking through regular events hosted at its London boutique. Through their relationship with the charity Smartworks, The Fold has raised money for, and donated clothes to, women who are re-entering the workforce.


Kate Herbert & St.John Pearce-Burke

TOTM is focused on the period care industry by working to deliver a better, more sustainable way to manage periods. The company’s range of organic cotton and reusable period care is made without harsh chemicals and helps to reduce plastic waste. The company launched online as a direct-to-consumer brand in 2016, and has gone on to sell in UK retailers including: Tesco, Morrisons, M&S and Superdrug. TOTM has also launched a ‘Period Positive Workplace Scheme’ which has been adopted in over 5,000 sites both in the UK and Europe.

Umberto Giannini

Claire Shread

Umberto Giannini was founded in 1998 by Claire Shread and the late celebrity and award winning international hairdresser, Umberto Giannini. This haircare product brand, best known for its curly hair range, achieved B Corp status in 2021. The company sells its products online as well as through various retailers including Boots, Ocado and Look Fantastic and 15 countries internationally. The company’s products are vegan and cruelty free, and in 2022 83% of products were in sustainable packaging; an increase of 66% since 2020.


Freddy Ward & Charlie Bowes-Lyon

London-based Wild manufactures and sells natural, refillable deodorant and soap on a subscription basis. Launched in 2019 by co-founders, chief executive Freddy Ward and chief marketing officer Charlie Bowes- Lyon, it aims to reduce plastic waste while creating products using natural ingredients. The company has secured a total of £7.6m in equity funding, including a £5m deal in February 2022 to support its growth into international markets. Social media marketing campaigns and influencer relationships, have helped to generate a turnover of £26m in 2022.

Wolf & Badger

Henry & George Graham

Wolf & Badger is a clothing, home and beauty boutique retailing ethical and sustainable international brands. Founders George and Henry Graham first started with a small shop in Notting Hill, expanding two years later to a second store and then launching an online shop to respond to increasing demand. The brand merged with online marketplace Boticca in 2015, and together, they now provide a platform for over 2,000 independent, ethical fashion brands from around the world. Having already opened stores in New York and Los Angeles, Wolf & Badger have raised £13.5m in equity deals to help fuel further expansion.

XR Games

Bobby Thandi

Founded in 2017, XR Games is a virtual reality and augmented reality game development studio based in Leeds. Its team of over 100 people create immersive games for PCs, consoles and mobiles. XR Games works with Sony Pictures to develop movie-licensed virtual reality as well as games for some of the world’s largest publishers and hardware manufacturers including Meta and PlayStation. Led by founder and chief executive Bobby Thandi, XR Games has raised $11.3m in equity funding, and continues to expand following the release of its virtual reality game ‘Zombieland: Headshot Fever’ in 2021.


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The FEBE Growth 100® is a league table of Britain’s founder-led private companies with the fastest-growing sales. Companies are ranked by compound annual growth rate (CAGR) in sales over their latest two financial years.
Our entry criteria for 2023 were:

  • UK-registered, independent and unquoted companies
  • Founders remain involved in the business
  • Had sales between £3m and £200m in their latest financial year
  • Made an operating profit in their latest financial year
  • Did not show a decrease in sales from their penultimate to the latest year
  • Had annualised sales of more than £200,000 in the base year, and traded for at least 6 months in that year
  • Excluded companies include: pure property developers, financial trading companies, LLPs and companies with a turnover of £200m or more

Companies that do not meet these criteria are considered for our Watch List, which features 25 finalists that are on a mission, achieving great things and deserve to be celebrated.

Data collection: Sources used include: Companies House, Beauhurst (a primary data supplier), news articles and other public sources. Some companies were self-nominated, some were nominated by their advisers, and others were identified through FEBE’s own research. Where accounts are not available at Companies House, FEBE has used financial data directly provided by the companies – this applies to half of the entrants on this year’s league table. The ranking does not claim to be complete, as most small companies file abbreviated accounts and choose not to make their sales figures public.

Disclaimer: The inclusion of any company within the league table, or within any of FEBE’s publications, articles or other content, is not an endorsement or recommendation whatsoever by FEBE or any of its partners or sponsors; nor is it an indication that they one of the best-run companies in the UK. The league table is based on historical data and is not an indicator of present or future performance. FEBE reserves the right to make exceptions to the qualification criteria in its absolute discretion.

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