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A club built for entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs

We are FEBE – For Entrepreneurs, By Entrepreneurs. We celebrate and support the very best entrepreneurs and their companies. Our club, which includes the UK’s best and most successful founders, is all about entrepreneurs supporting entrepreneurs. We exist to inspire and champion our country’s best ‘dare-to-doers’.



The Growth 100 is our annual list and awards that shines a light on the fastest-growing founder-led businesses in the country. This is the beating heart of our club that inspires, motivates and supports the very best entrepreneurs and their companies. But the Growth 100 is so much more than just a list…

Founders are unique. And founders get other founders. So, we bring these ‘dare to doers’ together throughout the year, in a way which is all about entrepreneurs supporting each other and sharing experiences in an exclusive environment. And, our Founder Stories delves into the journeys and the high and lows that these entrepreneurs have been through, to give the real stories behind their success.


We are building the best founders club in the UK (even if we do say so ourselves!). Authentic, supportive, informal and completely and utterly real. Welcome to the world of FEBE…

FEBE Legends events unite FEBE founders with entrepreneurs whose businesses have gone into orbit.

This is all about creating a space where entrepreneurs can learn from those who’ve navigated the highs and lows and done something extraordinary. It’s where founders can take away wisdom and ideas to apply to their own businesses.

At FEBE, we celebrate, support and bring together the most incredible entrepreneurs. The Legends allows other awesome founders to learn from their successes and failures to turbocharge their growth.

In the UK, we tend to hide our failures. It’s engrained. We’re conditioned to airbrush out errors, even to be ashamed of them.

But, we know that success NEVER happens without mistakes. Some of the world’s greatest success stories stem from the most humungous blunders. These events allow founders to share their toughest moments. They’re refreshing, supportive and completely honest.

Remember… The person who never made a mistake never made anything! Embrace the FK/UPs.

FEBE Cribs takes you behind the scenes of the UK’s most inspiring workplaces in the FEBE Growth 100 gang.

This isn’t just an office tour. It’s a journey into innovation, showcasing how founders create spaces where creativity blooms, ideas fly and collaboration booms. It’s about the spirit, culture and vibes that make each company unique. From stunning gyms to office dogs, from pods that redefine meeting spaces to open-plan designs that blur the lines between CEO and intern – FEBE Cribs will show it all.

FEBE Cribs is your all-access pass to the places and faces driving the UK’s entrepreneurial spirit forward. Take a look…

Founder Stories

Our Ambassadors

Many will dream, few will do
FEBE celebrates those who dare to do

FEBE Juliet Barratt

Juliet Barratt

Co-founder Grenade

FEBE Charlie Bigham

Charlie Bigham

Founder Charlie Bigham’s

FEBE Jenny Campbell

Jenny Campbell

Founder YourCash & Former BBC Dragon

FEBE Aron Gelbard

Aron Gelbard

Co-founder Bloom & Wild

FEBE Sarah Willingham

Sarah Willingham

Co-founder Nightcap plc & Former BBC Dragon

Piers Linney

Founder Moblox & Former BBC Dragon

Paul Paker

Founder St Pierre Groupe

Sally Preston MBE

Founder Kiddylicious

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The Growth 100 is published annually, and we are now welcoming nominations for 2024. There is no cost for businesses to be included in the list or to attend our celebration event. So, if you are, or if you know of anyone you think should be featured in the UK’s most exciting business list, please contact us by using the link below.

We are also interested in talking to companies that share the FEBE philosophy and would like to partner with us. If you’d like to understand more about our partnership opportunities and become part of the beating heart that inspires, motivates and supports Britain’s best entrepreneurs, contact us at hello@febe.com.