Extons Foods

Extons Foods, a family-run business based in Manchester, is one of the UK’s largest cheese processors, specialising in producing sliced, grated, and block cheese. Founded in 2000 by Liz Parkinson—joined by her sister Rachel Edwards in 2002—the company originated when Liz bought a small cheese delivery service in Stockport. The business has grown by reinvesting in new facilities, such as a new factory in South Manchester that opened in 2013. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the company adapted by enhancing its partnerships with retail companies to sustain growth. Now, Extons Foods produces 450 tonnes of cheese a week, with its most popular products being sliced and grated cheeses. This focus on strategic reinvestment and adaptability led to a more than 50% increase in sales year-on-year, reaching £96.7m in 2023.