Fairfax & Favor

Fairfax & Favor is a Norfolk-based clothing brand selling men’s and women’s clothing and accessories, both online and via its six stores. The company began with a focus on boots and shoes, but also now stocks a range of accessories, bags and clothing. Marcus Fountaine and Felix Parker combined their middle names to create the Fairfax & Favor brand when they were 15 years old. In 2013, the childhood friends returned from university and decided to revive the brand, focusing on selling hand-crafted leather boots. The pair travelled to Spain where they ordered 400 pairs of hand-made boots which they sold at the Holkham Country Fair. The success at the country fair funded the next event, which led to the initial growth in the brand. Fairfax & Favor took part in its first US trade show in 2023, as it now plans to enter the US market.