Farrar & Tanner

Cheltenham-based Farrar & Tanner sells high-end, personalised gifts online, including watches, decanters, and kitchen knives. The brand is named after co-founders, Matthew Farrar and Ricard Tanner, who launched the gift website in 2016, having acquired an outdoor brand selling knives and torches in 2014 that allowed them to focus on personalised gifting – a key focus of Farrar & Tanner. It sources products from heritage brands and established suppliers across the UK and Europe, and stocks over 4,000 products from brands such as Barbour, Robert Welch and Vera Wang. In 2023 Farrar & Tanner opened a showroom in Cheltenham, where customers can see the range of products and have items personalised in-store. The company grew group sales to £10.7m in 2023.