Revive Collagen

Founded in 2020 by Samantha Faiers and John Bailey, Revive Collagen was inspired by Samantha’s search for a solution to her postpartum acne. Discovering the power of collagen led her to create Revive Collagen with her business partner John. Within four years, the company has developed a range of six ready-to-drink supplements developed to target a range of challenges, from initial collagen loss in mid-twenties through to menopause. Each of Revive Collagen’s products combines Type 1 marine collagen, with beauty ingredients and vitamins to provide an all-in-one shot, and they also introduced a vegan collagen alternative in 2022. The company has thousands of customers, sells one box every 60 seconds and has featured in the likes of Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, and Good Housekeeping.