I might be battling incurable cancer, but I’m living my best life

We were recently introduced, through one of our G100 members, to an incredibly kind, brave and courageous person called Laura Middleton-Hughes who is living with incurable breast cancer.

Laura was first diagnosed in February 2014 at the age of 25 with stage 3 breast cancer after discovering a small lump in her left breast. Having undergone intensive treatment Laura successfully beat the cancer, but a year later a pain developed in her right shoulder and in October 2016, aged only 28, Laura was told her cancer had returned to her bones.

Laura now writes blogs and speaks at events to share her story in order to help others.

Meeting Laura has been a blessing. She is one of the most courageous and inspirational people we have ever met and her attitude to life is quite frankly incredible. So with great pride, we are delighted to celebrate the story and journey of Laura Middleton-Hughes, founder of Bald Beautiful and Boobless.

Disclaimer: The statements made by our interviewees are an expression of their own views and opinions and in no way reflect FEBE Ventures’ views or opinions, nor are such views or opinions endorsed or supported by us.